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Mr. Sterling, the 1940’s are calling!

dsterThis is easy. Our inaugural Jagoff is who else but Donald Sterling. Mr. Sterling is currently considered one of the most hated men in America.

This guy actually told his  mistress not to bring black people to “his” basketball games. That just blows my mind on a  couple different levels.

His racist exploits are indefensible and well chronicled. We are not here to add to that rhetoric. Sports Revelation explores the  deeper subjects that the national media brushes over.  We look at sports issues from a much more enlightened stance (think sophomore year of high school). In fact, I am going ahead and coin a new term, sophomoric. It means more sophisticated than those childish freshmen.

Yes, Donald is Sterling is a Jagoff, and possibly so entrenched in the 1940’s that he actually does not see the irony in forbidding african americans from attending a basketball game.

On a positive note, perhaps the ousting of Sterling symbolizes a move in American culture away from the old boy way of doing business.  Other corporations such GM are learning that business needs to done in a more transparent and ethical manner. You could get sued and go bankrupt, oh wait the Gov’t will bail you out. Nevermind, that is a whole separate blog.

Getting rid of one Jagoff is a good start.


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