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Apparently the NFL is Okay With Domestic Violence

It appears Rog Goddell has been playing with his suspension calculator again. This time his arbitrary number of games given out for suspension goes directly against his own newly formed NFL rules and guidelines. It also stands to support the notion, Roger Goddell and the NFL are quite okay with domestic Violence.

Let’s look at the suspensions he has levied out over the past years.

Ray Rice for domestic abuse: 2 games then increased to indefinite suspension (later over turned)

Le’veon Bell for missing a sanctioned drug test: 4 games reduced to 3

Greg Hardy for domestic abuse: 4 games

Thomas Brady for illegal touching of balls and not sharing his phone: 4 games

Josh Brown for repetitive domestic abuse: 1 game.

WTF!?! One lousy game for using his wife as a punching bag? First and most important, Josh Brown does not deserved to be paid millions of dollars and play in the National Football League. He is a terrible person, and a disgrace of a human being. It was not “alleged” that he might have beat his wife. No, Josh Brown Turd was arrested in 2015 and charged with assaulting his wife. Documents obtained from the court and from police show he beat his wife not once, but up to 20 times. Including once while she was pregnant.  He really is a piece of shit.

The new rules created by the NFL, now call for an automatic 6 game suspension without pay for a first time offender. Again, Josh Brown was suspended for 1 game. However, now the scab has been scratched and information is pouring out into the open, dripping all over the NFL’s shiny shield. Now, Mr. Brown is not making the trip with his New York Giants teammates to London to play this weekend. So he will miss a 2nd game, but do not fret, he is still getting paid.

These newly “improved” NFL rules call for further punishment if, “the act was committed against a pregnant woman or in the presence of a child.” It appears Mr. Brown is batting 2 for 2. In one of his journals he wrote, “I have disregarded my stepsons’ feelings, and they have witnessed me abusing their mother.” What a piece of shit.

I’m sure we all agree Josh Brown is a monster. But the NFL is very obvious that it does not give one flying flip about domestic violence.  A great article in the New York Times, describes the lack of effort by the NFL to truly investigate Josh Brown situation and the nightmare of a life he created for his now ex-wife. The NFL just does not care. I mean they do care…the NFL cares about maintaining the facade they care about women in order to sell jerseys, and t-shirts, and hats that all have a little pink ribbon to raise awareness of breast cancer. The NFL just does not care if one of their muscle bound athletes pummels and beats a women.

So what can we do wise readers? Isn’t it time we stood up and let the NFL hear our voice? I think it is. I think it’s time we let the NFL know we are not okay with them enabling criminals to go unpunished while continuing to collect big ol’ pay checks. I do believe there are athletes in the NFL doing great things and making a positive change in the world. As consumers of the NFL product we need to find a way to show our support for these athletes, coaches, and organizations  doing the right thing; while letting the NFL truly feel our disgust with the Giants and the NFL’s lack of  care for our mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives.

Enjoy sports responsibly.


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