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Ballers to Come, & Common Folk, Should Learn From LeBron James

This past week, we need to take lessons from the King. And Yes, I mean King James.

I will go on the record for being a Mike Jordan, guy. Honesty, I don’t argue NBA stuff. Most of my friends don’t know the NBA is still in existence. But when i run into young kids, who are yelling about how Kobe is old, and Paul George is the man, i’ve got no problem stating all of these players have NOTHING on Jordan. NOTHING!

This will usually spark the debate of LeBron vs. Jordan. Which for the record is a impossible debate. Which, for the record, i’m a Jordan guy. And, which, for the record, I will always have ammunition to win for team Jordan. but, it is still a fun debate.

i’ve wanted to root against LeBron. im not sure why, but he seemed to be a good villain, in the super hero world of sport. okay, maybe it has to do with how he left Cleveland, and hosted a piss poor show, and how he joined forces with other superstars. Jordan would have joint forces with NO ONE, and then single handed-ly defeated the other superstars (please see all of the years Jordan was in NBA – okay that’s a stretch)

However, after this week, we all need to learn form him. Yes, ballers, and non-ballers, alike, gather round. here is going to be a quick lesson, like your Grand-pap use to give.

No, i’m not talking about learning from his “swagga.”

No, im not talking about how, he is so damn brand-able (is this even a word?). He shoots commercials where he is hanging out, and playing with local kids, and i actually believe they meet at his house to ride bikes (huffy’s and schwins, not Candendales and Gary Fisher’s). he’s believable. He’s marketable. but, no, that’s not what i’m talking about today. That’s not what we need to learn.

This past week, during a game, a national televised game, during a time out, he yelled, and got up to get in the face of another player. yes, King James, the 10 speed, slurpee drinking, smiling, friendly, “i’ll watch your kids,” uber star, went code red rage during an outburst on national television.

what did he do next? sulk? drop 40 points? quit on his team and walk back to the locker room before the game was over?


He apologized?! Wha-What?! What the F!? Really, Mr, i mean King James, the creator of “I’m a Witness” apologized? that means he made a mistake, like a regular person. Hmmmmmmm……interesting.

He was caught on camera saying, “my bad. i was wronge.” he fu-king took responsibility on his broad-tatted up shoulders, and said, “I was wrong.” Mr President, i hope you were watching. because we can all learn from this.

it doesnt matter who we are, or who we think we are. we are responsible for our actions. and we might get caught up in excitement, and we might get caught up in life, and we might get caught up in a game (yes a game) but we need to always remember we are responsible for our actions.

and it takes a great man to admit when he is wrong. my hat is tipped to you Mr. LeBron James (now, go win a few more titles, and we can THEN, continue the debate about how you are closing the gap between you and Jordan). Okay, maybe i should not have put that last line.

I apologize. i’m sorry, I was wrong.


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