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Baseball is back…and so is guaranteed contracts!

Ah, the first day of Spring……so wonderful.


The first day of spring means, spring training is underway, and thanks to ESPN, we get to watch tons of Spring Training games. This is what we needed; I mean we don’t have enough coverage of the other 162 games, so thank you, ESPN. I’m glad you continue to follow the adage, “If a little is good, then a lot of shit, is great!”


I wish I was writing this, looking out at daffodils bursting up out of emerald green, lush grass. But, no, instead I’m looking out at, what once was snow, and now more closely resembles watery, muddy, diarrhea. Speaking of daffodils, and don’t ask me how I know this, but do you know the amounts of variations of daffodils? ( shit!! Who knew??


Back to spring, back to baseball. Yippee! America’s past time, stars and stripes, apple pie, and all of that jazz. So spring training is completely underway, and injuries are striking down individuals like the wrath of Voldemort (Yes, i’m sure that’s an out of date pop culture reference, but whatevers).  Anyway, injuries are hitting all teams, but since I’m writing this blog, and I’m a Braves fan, you’ll have to bear with me as I wallow in pity, and sorrow, and only discuss the injuries that matter (to me and the Braves).


The Atlanta braves have had lightning strike twice, and now 2 out of their 5 starters are done for the season. A third starting pitcher (Mike Minor) will not be back for opening day. Yippee, can any team deal with losing 3 starters? Nope. I mean, “Hell f’ing no!”


So, the Braves sign a pitcher. This is a pitcher whom was 9-10 last season, so a losing record, was signed to a one year deal worth around 14 million dollars. Wait, what the f?!


A pitcher with a losing record? Yep.


A pitcher with a losing record, and for 14 million dollars….for one season? Yep.


Good god, man!


This signing, made me think. Now, I’m sure this player, is a really nice guy. And, I’m NOT “hating.” Hell, if someone would fork out 14 million (or 1 single dollar) for me to write this garbage, I’d sign in a heartbeat. And, for all I know, this guy could donate half of his salary to a really good, heart aching cause,  I don’t know. And again, I am not hating on him, I’m trying to understand the deal in gerneral.


Instead, I’m thinking, “14 million dollars for a losing pitcher?” in this day in age, with the current financial scene in America and its debt, is amazing. It’s amazing a single team, or company for that matter, can pay a losing pitcher 14 million dollars.

My thoughts progressed to, what is Frankie Wren, oops, excuse me, Mr. Wren, getting for his investment. I mean what does he make per win? You could try to figure it out. For starters, pitcher A pitched in the American league last year and had 9 wins. Maybe he will get a few more wins in the national league. We will give him 12 wins, for this argument. How much does a win make a team?


So, Frank Wren has his 14 million dollar investment, and I’ll have mine. I’ll spend 14 million dollars (facetiously, or course on a stock) and we will see whom has more return on investment at the end of the season, which will hopefully include the  World series. (at the time of the post, the stock i’m choosing to purchase was selling for a tune of 17.84 per share.) Let the games begin Mr. Wren!  Should be fun, no?

Also, periodically, we will give choices on this website for so you can, “ have (enter highly over paid athlete) for the tune of (blank millions of dollars), or (some fun, hopefully humorous, equivalent).” Again, should be fun, no?


Go braves! And great win against the highly, over rated Gnationals! (by the time I finished this post, the Braves swept the series!)

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