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IJPC: How much should the fan be blamed for the constant increase in salaries and concession prices in MLB?

We are almost a full month into the baseball season. We have teams playing expectantly well, and then there are teams that forgot they were not suppose to be very good, also playing well. Super star stud Kris Bryant was finally called up for the Cubs. So the Cub faithful are walking on sunshine as they believe this is finally their year.

I always think it is interesting to look at players salaries at the beginning of the season. I feel we, sports fans, are good about remembering who just signed a new huge off season contract. I find it interesting how we, sports fans, are somehow able to forget about other insane contracts. For example, did you know Bobby Bonilla is still getting paid $1.2 million? He will continue to get paid by the Mets into the year 2035. He has not played for the Mets since 1999, and has not played Major League Baseball since 2001. But I digress.


Here is an amusing link to look at salaries for current teams and players from If you click on the Top Salaries, you should get some good laughs. Ryan Howard is tied for  the 4th highest salary for 2015. He is getting paid $25,000,000 to hit .176, 0 Hr, and 2 RBI’s. Good thinking Phillies! Albert Pujols (Pronounced “Pooh-holes”) is tied for 8th place making $24,000,000 to hit .171, 2 Hr, and 5 RBI’s. Great move Angels!

On average MLB salaries are up to the tune of $4.2 million. You can’t fault the athletes for signing these contracts. Bobby Bonilla is an absolute genius and if the price is right I’m going to bring him in to negotiate my next contract. Teams can only offer contracts if the owners are making money. Period.

So where are all of the avenues trafficking money into the owners pockets (besides exuberant tv deals)? A nice PDF from breaks down  prices for going to baseball games. They include every thing from tickets, food and drink, hats, to parking. And yes, the include beer prices for every stadium. On the whole, the average ticket price for MLB games has increased 2%, as has concessions. Here is the cheapest beer prices for each stadium.

I used the word “cheapest” for a reason. You can get great tasting, craft beer at most stadiums. However, that is going to cost you. So, now you know the price if you want to experience America’s Pastime with some salted peanuts, and 20 ounces of the cheapest beer available.

Now, I’m not saying not to go to baseball games. Baseball games are flipping fantastic, and watching America’s Pastime live is the way to do it. I would even suggest splurging and spending the extra 15-25 dollars for better tickets. I know, I know, that extra cash just went straight into the pockets of some dude making $25 million per season, under performing, and laughing his ass off. Just be cognizant of where your money goes when you spend it on sports, that’s all.

Cheers, and as always Enjoy Sport Responsibly!

Also, be on the look out for the “Brews of the Summer” (Yes, it’s cheesy play on words for the book titled, The Boys of Summer, by Roger Khan). We are going to match up 2 craft breweries each weekend, and you, oh fantastic reader, are going to decide which beer and brewery wins. More details to follow, but I will tell you the first match-up is  Center of the Universe vs Hardywood, PLAY BALL!


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