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Baseball Season Recap: Fans Walked Out

The 2015 World Series is about to start between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals. Utmost congratulations to both teams. Before the World Series gets started lets take some time to look back on the past baseball season focusing on the fan side of things.

Sometimes my naive, romantic, idea of sports gets shattered by reality; like when you are playing in a pool and you gracefully fall into the water to have your body’s momentum stopped all-to-suddenly by your nose cracking like an eggshell on the tiled bottom of the pool. After this event, no matter how much you try to stop the bleeding, and no matter how much you try to go back to looking at sport, it’s not the same and you always see the scar.

I went to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Miami Marlins on a Friday night during the last weekend of the season. I knew both teams were way, way out of the playoff race. I also knew the grueling season was almost over for these players. However, Ace Jose Fernandez was taking the hump and he was going for a record setting 17 career straight home wins without ever losing. Plus, we are talking about professional athletes. I still expected an exciting game and an energetic crowd.

Wrong on both accounts.

Fernandez quickly gave up 4 runs and a ton of hits in the first inning. However, the Marlins threw up a 4 spot of their own as they began hitting their way to 20 total hits for the game. The game became 12 – 4 and the crowd, which was never into the game, was almost already gone. While walking a few blocks back to our car the Braves tacked on 7 more runs and it was now 11-12. This would be the final score as the Marlins would win this lackluster game and Jose would get his record setting 17th straight home win without ever losing. I bet less than 17 paid fans were still there at the end of the game to congratulate Jose for this record.

Despite both teams having good talent, and despite one of the best young pitchers pitching, I can completely understand why the crowd was never excited about the game. Fans could tell the product on the field was sup par (sup par = a pile of dog poop festering on a side walk on a hot sunny, humid day). No one was hustling. Players from both teams were just going through the motions. Both teams were trying to get to the last out of the 9th inning as quick as they could. This lack of care carried over to the complete lack of excitement by the fans in the stadium.

As far as low attendance goes, I understand Marlins fans are upset with ownership. Good for them! Fans have the right not go to games. As small as not purchasing a ticket for a game appears, it is one of a few things fans can do to voice their disapproval. However, when fans do take it upon themselves to not show up for game, or leave early they often get dubbed as the horrible, “fair weather” fan. Ouch, hurtful.

We hear players complain about fans leaving all of the time, including player like Chris Bosh, and Jack-Ass Papelbon, but recently Bryce Harper took notice of fans leaving. Now, he did not call the fans “fair weather,” Harper just said it’s “brutal,” when fans leave early. Well, Mr. Soon-To-Be MVP Harper, I’m glad you took notice.

He should take notice because his fans were voicing their disapproval with his team. These fans were tired of the subpar product/team that graced the baseball diamond in our Nation’s Capitol each and every night. These fans were fed up with the errors, the men left on base, and the mental mistakes they had to endure with the Nationals 163 Million Dollar team salary as the Metropolitan’s from New York ran away with the division.

Sports and specifically sports teams give fans a common bond, as fans associate ourselves to a particular team. We see another fan of the same team when they are wearing a team hat, or other apparel, we know we instantly have a bond. Sports allow fans to feel like we are part of the team, part of a family. When we discuss a game, we will often times infer we had something to do with the outcome of the game by saying, “We played this way…..”

And just like being part of a family, shouldn’t fans get the right to voice their disapproval? Better yet, when fans watch a crappy product game after game, shouldn’t we let the players and ownership know our opinions by walking out and by not attending games? Yes we should. Damn right! This isn’t being a fair-weather fan. This is just being responsible. We are responsible in all other facets of our consumer life. I don’t feel life long Volkswagen drivers are “Fair weather” if they do not continue to drive Volkswagen cars following the latest scandal and bad product.

Keep being responsible fans.

As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly.




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