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IJPC: Mark Twain, TV, and Baseball

If we can not have it all, we must at least have more. More is better.

No, wait, that’s not right.

Maybe we should be listening to the great minds of the past, like Samuel Langhorne Clemens.You might know him, or his pen name. He famously stated, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” I’ll drink to that.

Major League Baseball is set to make enough money to pay each team $51.67 million next year from just cable deals alone. That’s $51.67 million for EACH team. That should be enough for each team to sign wonderful players, offer their fans an entertaining team worth watching, create exciting pennant races because all teams are able to afford splendid talents, and last but not least, teams should make a little cash on the side.


Looking back at the 2013 season, the contract with television paid teams a little over $25 million dollars. Only 3 teams were able to cover their team salaries purely off  these TV deals. Now, I know there are other sources of revenues coming in, but TV deals are where the big money lives. Looking at salaries and Total Television Revenues, we see the Dodgers, who were bankrupt just a few years ago, will get paid $64 million from TV revenues in 2013. However, the Dodgers and their salaries are in last place  with a net loss of $150 million when comparing money generated from TV and players salaries. A net loss. The Dodgers are reportedly about to ink a new television contract. This contract will help them cover more of their salaries, but not all; and a portion will go into revenue sharing for all teams. This and other contracts will raise the amount of money each team gets from $25 Million  to $51.67 Million. Read Dave Warner’s enlightening and  informative piece for more details.


These cable deals are only possible thanks to you and me. We pay for the cable services without even blinking, and never think twice about the bundle of cash we just dropped, or where this money really goes. Like a small pebble causing larger ripples. Each year we spend more time consuming sports. Last year alone we watched 33 Billion hours of sports. That’s Billion with a “B.” Each year we lose more of our money for this consumption. This allows owners to make more money, teams to spend more money, and players salaries to go up and up and up…

Can we, the Fans, bind together like Che Guevara and his revolutionists to stand for something we care about? Of course we can. In his article, Werner also describes how the baseball fans around Houston are rebelling against their beloved Houston Astros, the owner, and rejecting the raising cost of their cable provider, Comcast.

As fans we are given choices. That’s right choices. We do not have to pay the raising price of cable. Why should we? Why should the fans pay more money just so teams can continue to offer larger contracts to more players? In this day and age, a little extra change in my pocket can be used for far better things than a sports team outrageously spending more money.


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