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Forgive or Bite?

It seems to happen every week, and that is because it does. An athlete does something illegal, antisocial, or just plain stupid making national headlines. See our Jagoff of the Week for the most recent senseless act committed by a high profile athlete. This is easy-pickings for the Sports Revelation crew. In fact, the fruit is so low hanging, its like we are being spoon-fed. Open up….here comes your weekly dose of an incredibly foolish act. So at what point do we say I am not going to invest my time, emotions, and money into this athlete. Or do we simply say, I can forgive you because I am not perfect either? Of course there are many variables such as how egregious was the athlete’s indiscretion? Was this their first act of immorality? How much of our own selves do we have invested in this athlete? And did the athlete genuinely acknowledge their act and apologize? As we examine this question it becomes a very personal matter. We need to put ourselves into the shoes of the offender. Even this exercise may be problematic. Did you grow up in the same neighborhood. Do you live under the same microscope? Do you have the same enablers in your life? Regardless of these pitfalls lets use Michael Vick as a case study: 1)   How offensive was his act? Lets agree, it was basically terrible. 2)   First offense? He did have that episode with water bottle in the airport, and there is that whole Ron Mexico thing. So it seems that he has been living above societal laws for quite some time. 3)   Was he regretful? Vick admitted his mistakes. He made an apology. He paid for his crimes in prison. Mike Vick is one of many athletes who have tried to win back our hearts after being caught behaving (very) badly, and who knows how many have not been caught? For the most part, we as a nation, line up to forgive and place our energies and monies back into the system that created the poor behavior in the first place. Vick is a conundrum for me, I find myself wishing him success in his comeback. At the same time I can’t help but feel some delight when a linebacker crushes his body into the turf. Maybe we should institute a sports revelation punishment. It will go something like this: Mr. Vick meet Mr. Tyson and beware he likes to bite…….How does that feel Mr. Vick? Oh, Hello Luis Suarez, welcome to the party. What are your thoughts? Can you objectively forgive athletes (or not). Do you play favorites? How selective is your memory? vick It is not always easy to Enjoy Sports Responsibly.

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