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What I Learned This Past Weekend in NFL: Brady’s High After Drive Ends With Blount

The NFL makes me shake my head and laugh yet again. The stories are always the same, just with a different cast of characters.  I again learned, good players, not even a great players, will always find a team with open arms waiting to embrace them despite whatever mistakes they make. I learned Bill Belichick will not hesitate to remind anyone he is the sheriff in town, and he is the most important part to the New England Patriots. I also learned Belichick would prefer to play a player who walked out on his teammates than a player who was late to a meeting.

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

After a day of being without a job, LaGarrette Blount finds employment back with the New England Patriots. During his first game back with the Patriots, Mr. Blount scores a pair of touchdowns, as Practice-squad-turned-Superstar Jonas Gray watches from the sideline. The previous week, Jonas Gray set  franchise records for both yards rushed in a single game (201 yards), and touchdowns scored (4). However, earlier this week he was late to a team meeting.

How did Coach Belichick punish this record setter? He benched him, and brought in another running back. And not just any old running back. Coach Belichick brought in a running back just released from his team for abandonment. LaGarrette Blount was pissed about his playing time and amount of carries, so he walked out on the Steelers. Does that mean it’s better to be running late, or to walk out on the Patriots?

Seeing the Patriots pick up and nibble on some of the Steelers table scraps, I thought, “Hell, if I was a half decent player on a crappy football team, I would just walk out early and then go sign with the Patriots.” Especially if I played a position where they are weak, like wide receiver. Maybe if I was, say, DeSean Jackson, and seeing how things are spiraling out of control in Washington, I might slip out the side door and leave this RG3 saga. I mean, DeSean could team up with a winner, and ball slinger, like Thomas Brady. Plus, the Patriot receivers need help, and could use a big time play maker.

The Patriots are relaying on the likes of Danny Amendola (11 receptions, 95 yards, 1 TD) the “Poor man’s Wes Welker,” to be a weapon for Tom Brady? Really? DeSean Jackson (42 receptions, 858 yards, 4 Td’s in an anemic offense) would be better than a “Poor man’s Wes Welker,” he would be like Welker on….Steroids and speed (Ha! You thought I would say amphetamines and molly, didn’t’ you?). Imagine what DJax could do with a Billion receptions from Brady, Gronkowski keeping the safeties running around and confused, and the LaGarrett Blount either scoring touchdowns, running people over, throwing punches, or just exiting the game early and not coming back to Gillette stadium. In the end, Jackson in the Belichick orchestrated offense would produce numbers which we haven’t seen since Brady was dropping spiraling presents into the outstretched phalanges of one, Randy Moss.

Last weekend the NFL again made no sense. A player late for practice is penalized and benched, where the same team rewards a player whom just walks out and leaves. Mark Sanchez throws for his 3rd straight 300 yard game, and laughs as the Jets lose their 9th game of the season. And finally, yes finally, the Raiders get their first W of the season, beating a team looking to make another playoff appearance. I suppose that’s why they play the games each week.

I’m sure tomorrow many of us will watch some American tackle football, but I hope we spend the majority of the day giving thanks, and spending time with our friends, family, and love ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

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