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IJPC: Bowl Game Recap, Viewership and Attendence are Down but Schools are Still Getting PAID

$5.64 Billion, Interesting or Just Plain Crazy?

Actually $5.64 Billion is just plain absurd.

I heard a collective groan from everyone when reading the title involving “Bowl Games,” because everyone is sooo focused on the NFL. But, don’t let all of the main stream media, and ‘fake news’ outlets, make you feel like you can only focus on the NFL. Yes, the NFL playoffs are going on. Yes, it’s intriguing stuff. For one second shake out of your comatose state and focus on some numbers. ESPN has the television contract to broadcast the NCAA football playoffs and the 6 associated bowl games.

They, ESPN (Disney) pay $470 Million per year.

The contract is for 12 years.

So, the grand total ESPN is paying for the rights to televise the playoffs is $5.64 Billion dollars! Hot DAMN, that’s a lot of cheddar!

First, NCAA bowl game attendance is down. has a great article breaking down each and every bowl game comparing 2015-16 to 2016-17. No real shocker with this nugget of information. You might even be surprised that there are still bowl games outside of the NCAA Championship Playoffs.

Second, if you take away the NCAA Championship Playoff games, television viewership of all bowl games is down. The New Years Six (Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Capital One Orange Bowl, Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl, The Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual and the Allstate Sugar Bowl) games in 2015 saw ratings average 7.1 compared to the average of 6.4 in 2016, which is down 13 total percent.

So…how can College teams and conferences still get huge pay checks for playing in shitty bowl games that no fan watches? Television contracts. Yes, television contracts. Well, how the hell can ESPN/Disney shell out $5.64 Billion and stay in business? They pass the cost off to you, my friend.

When you, the fan, strokes a check, wait, no one writes checks any more. When you, the fan, pay your cable bill online and you pay $80, $100, $180, or $200 plus for your monthly cable bill you are paying for some team with a 7-7 record to play in a bowl game. When you click ‘send’ and magically transfer your hard earned funds to your cable provider over half goes to sporting networks, so they can continue to pay out over 500 millions of dollars to average and championship football teams alike. Despite nobody watching a majority of these games but a handful of proud parents, schools continued to get paid.

Think about those numbers including the 5.64 Billion dollars while you pay for cable. Then go back to watching the NFL on Fox, CBS, and NBC. All 3 of these channels you could be watching for free if you cut your cable.

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