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Brews of Summer: Blue Mountain Brewery

Major League Baseball’s schedules can be grueling. Long away trips are inevitable. Teams in the heart of the South have home games played in 100% humidity and no rain. Atleast when we attend these games and cheer for the “Boys of Summer” we can enjoy a hand crafted, ambrosial ale.

We continue our road trip with away games for “Brews of Summer” as we swing by Blue Mountain Brewery.  The Blue Ridge Mountains play backdrop for Blue Mountain’s farm and brewery in their Nelson County Home. Blue Mountain Brewery is focused on brewing the best tasting beer with the freshest ingredients they produce, while maintaining the most environmentally friendly practices. They will produce more then 10,000 barrels of beer this year, and it’s your job to choose your favorite. Good luck, it’s going to be tough.

Please go visit our friends at Blue Mountain Brewery and enjoy their beers while taking in the scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Be sure to take your time when deciding your favorite beer.  Also, don’t forget to vote on your favorite beer from Devil’s Backbone. Then on Friday come back to see which beer won from each of these two breweries, and to vote on your favorite starting beer of the weekend series.

Please enjoy sampling safely. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day with family and friends, and took time honoring and remembering the men and women of The United States Armed Services that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Enjoy Sports Responsibly.


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  2. Kent Alan

    May 29, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Can’t beat a Full Nelson any time of year!

    • Jonathan Wilson

      May 30, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      Could not agree more. Looks like Full Nelson will make it into the Weekend Series Match-up. Come back to vote for the winning Brew. Thanks for swinging by! Cheers!

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