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Brews of Summer: Bluejacket

There are 162 regular season games of baseball. That’s a lot of baseball games. Luckily, there are also lots of craft beers to try from Virginia and DC. Hopefully, “Brews of Summer” will help introduce you to some taste-bud-awakening, liquid art being brewed daily by one of the hundred plus Virginia craft breweries.

Like America’s Pastime, “Brews of Summer,” also has away games and road series’s. It’s time to take “Brews of Summer,” on the road! Some people like road series, some people do not. I think everyone needs a nice road trip now and again.  This week, we want to know your favorite beer from Bluejacket in Washington DC. The Bluejacket brewery calls home to a building which was built in 1919, and is one of the last remaining, “true industrial buildings in Washington DC.” This building now offers refuge and inspiration to the team of Alchemists. These brewers focus on making distinct beers that know no limits on flavors and are not confined to boundaries.


Please go visit our friends at Bluejacket and enjoy their concoctions.  Then vote once you have finally decided on your favorite beer. Remember to also go vote on your favorite beer from DC Brau Brewing Company. On Friday come back to see which beer won from each of these two breweries, and to vote on your favorite starting beer of the weekend series.

Please enjoy sampling safely.

As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly.




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