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Brews of Summer Weekend Series Match-Up: #3

The weather is turning fantasic, and true humid summer has not officially arrived. It’s time to step out from your man cave, or fanboy zone. It’s time to grab some of your buddies who also need to get thier skin reintroduced to the sun and go to a baseball game. You don’t need to sit there and watch every single game, or every single sporting event, this weekend. Just like sometimes you don’t need to drink the entire 12 pack. Instead watch one game, drink a couple of beers, and enjoy the fellowship of your comrads. Make the game you watch a good game, and make the beers you drink fantastic (and high ABV doesn’t hurt).

We continue to celebrate the “Brews of Summer,” and the “Boys of Summer,” this week with the beers from our Nations Capital, Washington DC. All Week, we asked for your favorite beer from DC Brau and Bluejacket. Some had to put in extra miles to drive up to Washington DC, and then choose a favorite from each brewery. Now we ask another difficult question, which winning beer do you prefer? It’s time for the third weekend series of winners in “Brews of Summer.”

Hope to see you at DC Brau and Bluejacket sometime soon for great beers and entertaining tales. Remember to be responsible, plan ahead, and assign a designated driver. Starting on Monday we will have the week 4 match up.

Remember to be kind to friends and strangers, and get outside to do something adventureous!

Enjoy Sports Responsibly!

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