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Congrats 76ers on First Win (Alas, You Still Suck)

Warning: This Jagoff of the Week has 2 winners. Sorry, we will not make this a habit, despite the ease at which stupidity runs in the sporting world.

The 76ers won their first basketball game of the year, thanks to Kobe and the Lakers being an even worse basketball team (Enjoy your final season Kobe). The 76ers started the season 0-18. Including last year the 76ers rattled off 28 straight losses. Obviously the management group who owns the 76ers have no idea what it takes to put together a winning team. This much is clear. What also became clear following their clubs first win of the year is the fact the this Management team has no idea how to manage their athletes.

Jahlil Okafor, the 3rd overall draft pick, got caught in 2, yes 2, separate street brawls on the same night. Both times he was intoxicated. Jahlil Okafor is also 19 years old. I only say this, because clearly he can’t handle his alcohol consumption. But why should we expect him to be able to drink and keep a sane mind? He’s 19?!

The Ownership group wins the Jagoff Of the Week Award, because they should have better handled the situation when incident occurred. They need to mentor their young superstar, while also showing their support for him. They should have suspended Mr. Okafor immediately when his actions were brought to their attention. But they did not. Nope, they waited a few weeks. They waited till after Okafor already apologized. They waited until the videos were released (thank you TMZ) and then suspended him.

Piss poor timing.

Now we come to the 2nd Award. Here at, we are all about individuals being held accountable for their very own actions (shocking concept, we know). We find Jahlil Okafor guilty of being an idiot. So, we are backdating his Jagoff of the Week Award. He too, deserves to take home the trophy.  Mr. Okafor, you were the 3rd overall pick following 1 year of college. I know you are 19 years old, have a ton of money and freedom, but seriously man, stay out of the news for this type of stuff.

You are a basketball player not a street brawler. You want no part of the street brawling life (please watch video of Kimbo Slice).

Do yourself a favor and stop drinking and getting into fights. Then you can work with your team, develop some chemistry, and maybe put a winning streak together. You have the opportunity to do something millions dream of and a scarce few get the opportunity to try.  Don’t continue to be an idiot. Please, don’t continue to be a regular on our website for being a Jagoff.

Enjoy Sports Responsibly                                                 #NoMoreMayPac

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