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This post is to offer help. That’s what we do here, help.

You’re welcome.

We are walking through the door, away from July and into August. That means baseball just started into its second half, and both college and pro football are getting ready to start. NCAA first game is Aug. 27, but who’s counting, right?  This also means MLB is going to be pushing lower deals on the Possibly half off. Sounds enticing. Football fans will be checking to make sure DirectTV still includes the NFL Network, so we can get more of the NFL’s redundant glory as we watch regurgitated highlights over and over. It is also time to contact your local cable provider to make sure you can purchase the college football conference channel of your choice. You need, no, you must have this channel to prove you are a loyal fan…


Hold on one gosh-darn minute!

(This is where the help enters)

NO. No. You do not need all of this stuff. Put your credit card down, and hold off from purchasing, DirectTV, and anything else. Just stop. Listen closely, “You do not need these channels.”

I know you hear this and immediately your blood pressure starts to slowly creep up; maybe your brow even popped a few beads of perspiration. Relax, you’re going to make it. Really. We are here to help your through this situation. First things first, put down your clear, light yellow, dehydrated piss colored beer.

Sports are good, but why do we keep feeding the monster? Why do we continue to cast our vote of confidence to overpaid athletes?  I dunno, so let’s stop. Let’s stop adding money into one of their various bank accounts and fancy lined-pockets.

Here is how we make a start: 1) Call your friends 2) Choose someone to be the responsible designated driver 3) Go find your local watering hole/Craft Brewery and watch the game. And when I say, “The game,” I mean one game. 4) Pile back into the car of the responsible one 5) Thank the driver 6) Spend the rest of your day with your family, friends, compose a haiku, or just enjoy life (you could also check new posts on our website,  just saying).

For example, if you live anywhere near Richmond, Virginia, or anywhere with access to interstate 95, you must, and this is an absolute must, you must go visit our friends at Center of the Universe Brewery (COTU). They have tranquil outdoor seating, massive projector screens showing the games, other televisions showing other games, live music, gourmet food vendors, f’ing fantastic beers, and mind reading, friendly staff. Did I tell you about the beers? They are stunningly fascinating.  Support COTU and any of your local breweries. They make delicious beers, and these beers need a home in your belly.




Now, it’s not quite August, but break out your calendars and mark November 1. You must go to COTU on Nov. 1. You will thank me. A little birdie tweeted me, and they will have El Duderino, their White Russian Stout, back from its slumbers of hibernation. This beer is amazing, and I might be stealing words from another, but El Duderino is “Pure dark rays of sunshine.” Drink, enjoy, and actually taste your beers as you watch your sporting event at COTU. Hell, you might find yourself sitting outside and actually talking and with your friends. You can always check the scores after the game. Here is a little secret, the outcome of the game will be the same if you are watching every second, or not.

There is you help.

Grab your friends, pile into one car, and go visit a local brewery. Enjoy the game; while celebrating good beers, good friends, and great times. Also, for this day at least, you saved some money and did not feed the monster.

All we ask for in return for this helpful post is friendly correspondence. Write us, sharing your favorite local brewery. Also include what one beer we have to try, and food suggestions are also welcome. If you are not a beer fan, just substitute “beer” with water, sport beverage, energy drink, lemonade, sweet tea (if you are from the South), wine, etc., and re-read.

Don’t forget to visit our comrades, chums, and mates at COTU. for more information.



  1. Macon

    September 4, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Love the article. & I agree, a tasty craft beer, or a couple, with friends is the way to go.

    You guys gotta check out BlueJacket Brewery, in DC. If you like stouts, gotta get The Cave & the Light!!


  2. TJ

    September 19, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Best beer, that’s easily Devil’s Backbone 8pt IPA. And, in order to get it, i suggest: a bike ride up the road on Blue Ridge Parkway to Crabtree falls, then finish at Devil’s Backbone. The 8pt goes great with Nachos, and a side of French Fries.
    Enjoy and love the post. Craft beers and “Enjoying Sports Responsibly”

  3. Scotty

    January 5, 2015 at 1:06 am

    Alright boys, got a beer you gotta try. I think this will be right up your alley. It’s a variety of IPA, and is very tasty and complex. Fantine, a Red Belgian IPA, by Mystery Brewing. Mystery Brewing is out of Hillsboough NC. You need to check this brewery out, plus, they are relatively close to you.
    Love your work, Craft brews, and trying to “Enjoy Sports Responsibly.”

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