Sports Revelation

One Small Step at a Time (Beach Edition Vol.2)

There is nothing like the sounds of the beach. Nothing. Just hearing the soundtrack with the crash of the surf on the sand, the seaguls in the sun filled sky, unbelievable. You hear the rhythmic surf crash down, wash up the beach, and then back out to sea, and immediately my blood pressure lowers. My heart rate lo-


“Oh my god, what happened?!?!” Immediately me head joins all of the other sports fans around me on the sand, looking down for their smartphone; SPORTS CENTER THEME SONG EQUALS SPORTS CENTER UPDATE!!!! “What did I miss? I have to know!!”

Then I remember, “The game doesn’t start till later. Not my phone, but it will be.”

I’ll get updates after every inning, for run scored, every hit, each strike out; not to mention updates about any news from all my other sports teams. Why search for just scores? A little bit of sports, is good. So, a lot bit of sports is better.

Wait!? What the hell am  doing? I am on vacation at a beautiful beach, with family and good friends.

A seed of a thought blooms in my very small brain.

Cut the Cord” it whispers.

“No, that can’t be it,” I must have miss heard my idea. I don’t have a television out here on the sand. That would be silly.

“Cut the cord.”

Dammit, there it is again! “No,” I kind of say to myself. I’m sure I look interesting talking to myself. Cutting the cord refers to getting rid of cable. I’ve done that. I’ve said peace to the man, and cable companies. So, now I have my intelligent phone set up for any, and every, type of sports update to be sent my way. Well, when I say it like that, and out loud, it sounds like I’ve cut one cord only to plug myself into another.

If my partner in crime, the other guy who writes this stuff, can try to cut the proverbial cord and get rid of cable, so can I. Only, I’m going to cut the “wireless” cord, which really isn’t’ a cord, so I admit it does sounds a wee bit confusing. But, the important thing, is I know what I’m talking about. With a nervous hand of fingers, I slowly slide “off” my updates on my phone. I then sit back, take a nice, long, deep breath, and listen to the waves crash on the shore. I again hear the sound of peace, and not my blood pressure pounding in my ears. It’s nice actually, and it wasn’t that hard.

I know you can do it to.

Cheers from paradise.


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