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Danny Zuko and the Hand Jive Have High Jacked the NFL

I admit when I was growing up, I knew some of the words to the songs from Grease. Come to think about it, I even sang a couple of these songs while riding bikes in the rain, in Switzerland. hmmmmm. good thing they did not have camera phones back then. anyway, that’s a story for another day.

i admit, also when i was growing up, i loved to watch american tackle football, and still do. I love to watch massive bone crushing and tendon rupturing hits, where guys get squashed. growing up i loved to watch Barry Sanders make moves and cuts, that are not humanly possible, and not even ESPN’s Sport Science ( or MythBusters ( can shed light, or begin to explain such moves.

this was back when football players were real men, and things were made in a way that we now say, “they don’t make things like that any more.”

okay, okay, real men still play football. and all of them, including kickers and punters, but excluding the Gramatica brothers, could easily rip my limbs off.

however, now it seems “dancers” also play football. Last week in the playoffs we had players scoring touchdowns, and performing their signature dance moves. WTF? when did “Football Players” have signature dance moves?  when did players, mock other players, by stealing the other player’s dance move, and then finish with their own dance move?

Then this makes news? and then the one dancer, er….excuse me, the one football player (Cam Newton) gets upset and cant finish his interview? what the HELL?!

and yes, i’m fueling this whole NFL turns WESTSIDE STORY type fire, by typing about it. but when did football players develop “their signature move.” when did it become cool, for players of one team (Ravens) to show respect and honor to another player (Ray-Ray) by all performing his intro dance move? I don’t know if i would put this on par with “brilliant”, as in, “it’s BRILLIANT and amazing the WWE continues to make money,” or if i put it in the “brilliant” as in, “DAMN, did you just perform Sub Zero’s finishing move on Raiden?! Mortal Combat is BRILLIANT!”

anyways, I do not think Coach Ditka would have a signature dance move for every tackle, sack, or hard hit. I don’t think Walter Peyton would perform his signature dance move after a 7 yard rush. today’s athletes are just a different breed of tackle football players, and they like to dance. maybe i shoulder embrace this “signature dance” move. from here on out, i’m going to end with my signature dance move. and, when the other blogger (the steeler’s fan of the site) gets on, i’m going to mimic his signature dance move as well.

as far as football goes, i’m still going to watch tomorrow. hell, i might see more dance moves, and i might even see players getting feelings hurt because someone stole their dance move, and then either a) a dance off will ensue like Danny Zuco & Cha Cha vs the rest of the kids in movie Grease, or  b) both teams will circle one another snapping their fingers singing and preforming a choreographed dance fight scene. either way, i’m fine. and, either way, it doe not matter, because we, society of great thinkers, are still watching, and enabling these football players turned dancers, to get “PAID.”

well, only one thing left to do……………..Signature Dance Move, SON!


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