Sports Revelation

Enjoy Sports Responsibly


A revelation can mean many things. It can even have a divine meaning, but lets be clear: We are are only talking about sports. It is like the great philosopher Iverson said: “We’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game”

Actually we are talking about a game, and it is just a game. That’s all. IT IS JUST A GAME.

Games capture our attention and our hearts, but what does that say about us? Are there better things in life to focus on? Are spectator sports worth the time and emotion we invest? Where else can we invest our time and energy? Lets Explore.

This not an all or nothing proposition. We love sports and will always pay attention to what is going on in the sports world. However, decreasing the impact spectator sports have on your life can be extremely liberating. A game played by people you do not know, will no longer make or break your day. It will not define you. So take back  back some time from spectator sports and funnel it into a more productive pursuit. WARNING: it will not be easy.

I think there a lot of folks out there like me who may also be thinking along these lines. My revelation occurred slowly, but when I became brave enough to expose my feelings to other sports fanatics, the response was not that of disbelief as I expected. It was more like: yeah you’re right. It’s silly how much emphasis we put on all sports.