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Enough About Deflated Balls, Lets Discuss a Poll

Lets be honest, The Super Bowl is all about hype, attention, and money. Oh, yeah, and there are 2 teams that play one another for the Lombardi Trophy. But really, what do we remember…Go Daddy Commercials? Wardrobe mishaps? How old The Who have become?  The Halftime Show has become a weird entity within itself. This show continues to grow and morph into a full blown, chaotic, music show, or oddly paired musicians; compressed down into 15 minutes.

A)Madonna Slipping


B)Janet Jackson, JT, and  “Wardrobe Malfunction,”


C) The awkward pairing of Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers (Does it really take that much energy to play the drums, Bruno????)


Who knows what drama will unfold during this halftime show. I’m sure something will happen. This something will keep the halftime show in the news cycle for a few days to come. Cause that’s what entertainers do now a days, they create a buzz to stay relevant, and worry about twitter followers. Who knows, maybe there are a few people out there secretly hoping for another “wardrobe malfunction” when Katy Perry takes the stage. I dunno. I’ll leave you with one more video, a little golden nugget of a video. Ah…Greatness, the 1985 Chicago Bears. Can we please get more of their “SuperBowl Shuffle.” All Halftime Shows should just watch and learn form the athletes playing in the game.

Enjoy! And remember, Enjoy Sport Responsibly

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