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Fans Need To Voice Their Disapproval With Rio De Janeiro’s Level of Water Pollution

Every 2 years we get an Olympics.

Every 2 years we get some sort of controversy. Some are worse then others. London had the empty seat fiasco. Beijeng had their share of protests, and Sochia had controversy over it’s anti-gay laws. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro seem to be no different.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics peeking out from around the corner we again have a head-scratching controversy: The impure, fecal filled, bacteria, and super-virus charged water.

I’m an American so maybe I’m just spoiled. I don’t think a person should have the same risk to contract a virus from swimming an open water event in the Olympics as they do from conducting business with a Rio De Janeiro prostitute.

Rio De Janeiro, a home to 6.32 million (numbers from 2010) got the bid for 2016 Olympics promising things they could not keep. When they won the award for the 2016 Games, they claimed they would be able to clean their water by 90% from the sludge, viruses, and bacteria. However,in 2015 a report came out stating Rio admitted they would not be able to meet the “agreed upon” criteria. Following numerous water safety tests completed by secondary parties, the World Health Organization suggested the IOC also test for viruses in the Rio waterways. The IOC respectfully decline further testing.

Now, athletes will have to swim and race in harmful and dangerous waters. Really?! Are your kidding me?!


The more I read, the more flabbergasted I get. I drop my jaw in disgust and pure disbelief. The IOC official’s take press conferences with straight faces as they claim that the water quality is safe. Yes, I’m sure there was no payoffs, and or bribes, made to get Rio the 2016 Summer Games. I’m sure all of the other potential host city’s were pumping untreated poo into the waterways they were going to use to host events. Right.


Here’s what gets me, here’s what makes me step back and think, “Sport is small compared to the big picture,” the situation in Rio is not only putting athletes health at risks, but it’s (Rio’s) children are subjected to this horror every day. Now, I understand all cities that host the Olympics have slums, I’m not that naive. However, Rio reported they would use these 2016 Olympic games to help jump start their project of cleaning these filthy waterways and this was a bold faced lie.

Rio said they would build 8 water treatment plants, but is only going to build 1. This is unacceptable. We can not sit in our climate controlled homes, drinking our filtered water, where our poop gets magically whisked away to some beautiful treatment plant and let Rio and the IOC get away with this absolute horror. Think if we could not go swimming and fishing in our local streams or waterways, we would raise hell and we should.

What can we do?

Mike Greenberg form Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN, has personally challenged the members of the IOC. Greenberg will pay for the flight for a member of the IOC to go swimming in the polluted waters. I salute his gumption and I totally understand his challenge. I also feel we can do more. We can protect athletes, and we can help raise money and awareness for the families and the children that live with this polluted water every day.

First and foremost, the events should not be held in Rio. Sorry Rio, you did not hold up your end of the contract, and now you can help pay for the events to be hosted in another locality. Im sure Brazil has other cleaner water ways for these events. The total bill for hosting these events should be split between Rio De Janeiro and the IOC. The IOC can not allow host cities to lie and not hold up their end a legal contract.

As fans and viewers, we must also make our voice be heard. We can not get red in the face discussing the atrocities of the shitty water and then help set record breaking numbers for the broadcasts of the 2016 Olympics. This we can not do. We need to limit our watching of these Olympic games. We need to let our voice be heard through lower television ratings. We need to actually show, through decreased television ratings we do not support the choice of Rio De Janeiro. When ratings going down, sponsorship go down, profits go down, and the overall worth of hosting the Olympics drops.

We still need to support our athletes. We need to watch, we need to wear our Red, White, and Blue in support of our athletes; but we also need to loudly say we will not allow our athletes to be put in harms way. It’s not right for host cities to lie and not complete their part of the agreement. We need to shine a light into the darkness that allows the IOC and host cities to make billions of dollars while their children (their future)  live in ghastly conditions.

Enjoy Sports Responsibly


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