Sports Revelation

The Fickleness of Sport Fans

A few months have past, the smoke and dollars bills have stopped raining down like an explosion scene out of Oceans’s Eleven, and we now are clear on a few things about the sports fans and society.

For starters, we are a fickle bunch and our extremely short attention spans’ are growing shorter. We are constantly bombarded with live-streaming information, scores, and updates. But it’s too much. Each day a new mountain of information is sent to our phones, sorted by teams and players we follow, which replaces the information from the previous day. We look at the new information, but we don’t process it. We glance at the updates and perhaps read the entire sentence, but we do not store this information. We are programmed to feel the need to constantly check for updates on our phones, because who has time to remember stuff?

Society has become mercurial. We know we have the right to use social media and other platforms to vent our disgust. We think other people want to know how we feel, so we go on elaborate tirades on subjects that change like a leaf in the the wind. Any cause is just, as we “favorite,” “re-tweet,” and “re-post” all causes we come across.

Social media is great because we get real time information about events, but its bad because what happened yesterday becomes very old, very fast. Prime example, the MayPac fight. “That’s such old news!” you shout at me. And, you’re right, it is old news. However, we should learn from this fight. But we wont.

Let’s be honest, despite your feelings on Mayweather as a person (he’s a bad person, a turd of a person), he is an absolute genius of a manager. He is a brilliant fight promoter, and he knows how to make money. This no one can argue. The build up to the MayPac fight was out of this world. Mayweather knew the world desperately yearned for boxing to be relevant. He tapped into this want and exploited us. The world wanted this fight so bad we bought into the hype.  His orchestrated hype.  Boxing experts told the world this fight would be boring, and it was. Boxing experts told us Mayweather is one of the best defensive minded boxers ever, and he is. The experts even told us it was going to be extremely difficult for the smaller, shorter reach of Paquia to get inside and attack  Mayweather, and this was also true. Despite what the experts told us, the world still purchased the fight dreaming of a hay-makers from Rocky.

The world got the type of fight the experts predicted. The following morning people woke up, immediately checked their phone for social media updates, and then proclaimed this fight was a waste. We found out Pacquia purged himself by lying he was healthy before the fight, when if fact he wasn’t. Now, society threatened to sue! This fight was a scam! I”m outraged…….wait, Tom Brady is getting suspended?!”

Quickly we move on. Quickly sports fans get drawn into another story, like an idiot’s infatuation to something simple and shiny. Like Pavlov’s dogs , we salivate to any “Breaking news,” we get from ESPN. All of a sudden we debate Tom Brady’s balls.

Fans created a protest page, and set up a rally, protesting the ban of Tom Brady. Tales came out of a married couple who vowed to suspend their honeymoon until Brady is back on the field. What?! How does this even help Tom Brady and/or Patriots? I bet the husband even has tattoos of Tom Brady. Oh, wait, what’s that…he does (shocking, didn’t’ see that coming). I don’t think the NFL or Tom Brady gives 2 flying F’s when someone, fan or no fan, goes on their honeymoon.

Don’t believe me? Where was Tom Brady during this rally held by die hard fans with tattoos of his likeness fixated on their own skin? He was busy  at home, taking pictures of his new puppy, himself, and his hot wife. Personally, I wish he had more pics of his new puppy and his wife. But, that’s just me.

The point is, as sports fans and sports consumers, we often get drawn into the new shiny hype and immediately forget what we just ranted about. We forget about the vows of one “never again,” as we take a soapbox stand proclaiming another. We spend time complaining about the build up of to the NFL Draft, yet we watch it again, year after year. Immediately after the MayPac fight, where both fighters got the biggest single sport payday ever, Mayweather reports he would be open to rematch fighting Pacquiao. 24 hours later, he says he will never fight him again. And society, we are again hooked. Mayweather is setting us up again.

But let’s not buy in. Why don’t we settle for pics and recaps the following day. For once, let’s fight our urge to support someone who has repeatedly abused and beat females. Ultimately sports only exist if we, the consumer, continue to spend our money. Let’s not purchase the next chapter in the MayPac saga. Matter a fact, lets take it one step further. Let’s start using #NoMoreMayPac in social media. This is our little cry. It will start as a whisper, but it will grow as it will stand for more then just us saying “no,” to a rematch that we don’t want to see. It will also stand for us no longer supporting players like Prince Shembo who kicked his girlfriends Yorkie to death, and any other irresponsible aspects of the world of sports. It will be a simple sign that we are tired of FIFA and it’s corruptness, and we are tired of college football players getting arrested (LSU),  and we are tired of lying players being able to join an elite list of baseball greatness.

We don’t need over hyped sporting events. We don’t need to be connected to sport every single day. The market is over saturated with sports, and sport programs. We don’t water down our wine. We don’t water down our beers. Let’s not water down our sports.

Enjoy Sports Responsibly