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For a Moment Watching Sports Was Fun Again

From Saturday June 6th to Sunday July 5th the Mordor-like-darkness was pierced by a beacon of light. A light so bright it captivated millions, over 26 million Americans to be exact. This beacon of light was the 2015 World Cup, specifically the US Women’s National Team. The darkness is the ever growing cloud continuously fed by greedy individuals in the sports world. (Prime example FIFA). However, for over a month, us fans were not focusing on the corrupt and dirty. Instead, we followed the journey of the 23 players on the US National team with their determination, dominance, brilliance, and their smiles.

I for one, remembering watching the Columbia game with family members that normally have no desire to watch soccer or even sports. However, we were all passionately invested in the game. There were no hypothetical lines drawn dividing the room into fans for two different teams. We were all cheering for the same team.

World Cup 2015 proved sport can still be fun, and it can still be magical. It reminded me, no matter how much the evil men and women controlling sport try, sport is not completely ruined. There is still a chance. The USA Women’s Nation team’s run proved there is still “amazing” left in sport.

The matches from the World Cup were pure fun to watch. Maybe it was the fact that an entire nation was pulling and cheering together.  As fans, we felt passionate about these games and the outcomes. Watching the US team we could clearly see they shared this passion. The ladies played with not only world-class skill, but also with such emotion. Watching these games the spectator got the sense that the games were bigger than any one player. This is something rarely seen in today’s professional sports with today’s athletes.

The US Women’s Team took to the field with focus, relentlessness, drive, but they also had fun. Don’t get me wrong, I understood their one and only goal was to win the World Cup. Anything less would be considered failure. However, watching the games you could tell the US team was enjoying themselves.

For a brief moment of time I forgot about contracts, and hold outs, and max salaries. I forgot about DUI’s, and punches being thrown, and investigations. I knew they still existed, but it was relaxing to be able to be a naive sports fan again. Maybe I just need to follow sports every few years. I mean, I could just focus on the Olympics, the World Cup, and the World Baseball Classic? Sounds like a good plan, I’ll do that. But first, let me just check my fantasy baseball team.


Enjoy Sports Responsibly



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