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Which Sport Movie Will You Share First?

Sports seem to be destined for the silver screen. Sports offer the real life unbelievable and tales of team accomplishments against all odds. Movies offer a perfect media to capture these moments of greatness. Movies enable viewers to appreciate the atmosphere of the event, and give the viewers an over all sense of the emotions happening at a particular time and place. Now to be fair, movies also enable directors and writers wiggle room in name of “artistic freedom.”

I was recently “cleaning out the attic,” when I came across a Tupperware container of old VHS movies. First, “cleaning out the attic,” was not my idea (this brilliant -cough!- idea was all my wife). Second, “cleaning out the attic,” means I need to get rid of stuff, my stuff, that I have not used since we moved into this house 2 years ago. For the record, we do not have a VCR, so there was no way I could use these movies. As you can see, I got trapped and had to throw them away.

Among these videos of all-time classics and important films, I came across The Natural. Looking at the cover, I was instantly taken back to when I first watched this movie with my father. I was not just a kid watching some movie with his dad. Nope, I was a kid getting a glimpse back into the Golden Age of Baseball. I was a kid getting a glimpse of baseball history, and it changed how I looked at present day baseball. As I watched Roy Hobbs go from an unknown ball player to an aging superstar, I yearned to be able to go to a ball game during this period. I was a kid convinced this was how the game of baseball was, and it’s fans and players were, in the 1920’s. You could have told me this was actual footage from this time period and I would have believed you . Hell, I never would have thought the movie was made in 1984.

This movie had everything a boy could want. For starters, it was about sports. It had a young player (Hobbs) tying to make his mark. By the powers of the baseball Gods, the train Hobbs is riding on stops outside of a carnival. During this stop, Hobbs gets a chance to strike out the best hitter in baseball, “The Whammer,” who is coincidentally also riding on this train. I mean, every kid growing up dreams of riding a train, stopping outside of a carnival, and then getting a chance to strike out the best hitter in the majors in some random field (I always dreamed of striking out Barry Bonds during his steroid days, I mean 2001 Barry Bonds, my bad).


The Natural also has it’s share of mystery and action. Roy Hobbs gets shot by the lady dressed in black- what’s all that about? There were also players paid to fix games. As if this was not enough, there was some reporter guy getting all of the stories down by drawing fantastic cartoons.

In the end, I loved this movie and I still do. I love the memory I have watching this movie with my dad. Without a doubt, this will be the first Sports Movie I share with my children. This got me thinking, “What movies would others choose to share with their kids?” Sports are good, and so are many of the movies made about sports. However, not one of these good movies includes Air Buddy, or Tony Danza. Please, fill up our comment boxes with suggestions of what Sport-themed movies you will/have first shown to your kids.

And remember, “Go pick me out a winner, Bobby.”

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