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Greatest Opening Weekend of College Football EVER!

Yes, many people have touted this weekend as the Greatest Opening Weekend in College Football the history of the world! Let’s not lose our heads people. There are tons of great match ups this weekend in College Football, Bama vs USC, Notre vs Dame Texas, FSU vs Old Miss, the list goes on. I also know many people have been jonesin for their sport fix since the Olympic Games (which we should just call Olympics: Merica against the World) had it’s closing ceremony. However, fight the urge to watch every snap from every game.

Don’t do it.

Instead, treat this weekend for what it is: Labor Day Weekend. It is a day to kick back and celebrate the labor movement and the achievements of the American Workers. Or in other words, do take this time off to celebrate all of the hard work you have done over the past year, and do watch some football. Enjoy the great match ups, but also enjoy friends and family. Do some channel surfing to flip flop between games, and then go work in your yard, or go for a run.

Again, I’ll draw the comparison of watching sports to drinking beer. You don’t need to drink entire cases of fizzy, colorless beer watching football from kick off on Thursday night straight through the last play on Monday evening. Instead, enjoy a few beers with a big flavorful taste while you enjoy the games of the GREATEST OPENING WEEKEND IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL in moderation. As always Enjoy Sport Responsibly.




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