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How Can We Look The Other Way?

What do you see when you look into a mirror?

Do you see an image of an individual who will look the other way when a man is beating a mother, a sister, or a daughter?

I don’t think so.

Why then does it takes photos to convince us of these horrors?

Haven’t we already been though this with Ray Rice? Why would people support Ray Rice, and then change their opinions after they see the video of him knocking out his fiance without remorse?

Yet, Greg Hardy still had a job in the NFL after beating his girlfriend. How could Jerry Jones go on record supporting this monster when we all knew what he did? The sports world looked the other way when he signed a contract that could end being worth up to $13 million with the Cowboys. The Cowboys organization clearly expressed they do not care what crimes Greg Hardy committed as signing him was an affirmation that character and player morals are not important to be part of their family.

Quickly after returning to the sidelines following his 4 game sentence, Greg Hardy exploded in rage during a game and Jerry Jones called him a leader? Are you F’ing kidding me? Really? Hardy has played for Dallas for a couple of months and he is considered a team leader? This is scary. I would think Tony Romo, Jason Whitten, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, or any other veteran would take offense that a clown like Greg Hardy would be tapped as a leader by their boss.


Society, and fans of football alike, knew Greg Hardy, a monster of a man attacked his girlfriend. Where were the complaints when it happened? Where was the outrage when he was allowed to sign this nice contract with the Cowboys? Did no one else question the hypocrisy of NFL, which has players donning pink gloves to support breast cancer awareness  yet also allows a girlfriend beating, unremorseful athlete to get paid? How stupid are we as fans?

Very. We are very stupid.

We don’t learn. Now the pictures have been released and there is finally public outrage. What did you expect America? It’s a 6 foot 4 inch 280 pound professional football player verse a tiny female? Really?! Wake up! It’s time to stand for something, it’s time to put your foot down. Sports do not need athletes like this, they should be placed in cages.

It’s time sports fans stand up against Domestic Violence. Enough is enough and we have seen too much.

Please, please Enjoy Sports Responsibly.



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