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Greg Olsen is Doing Great Things Off the Field

Often times athletes are in the media for the wrong reasons. Often athletes are in the news for acting childish, foolishly, or idiotic. However, a majority of athletes are not idiots. A majority of athletes are actually doing something positive with the spotlight they receive from society.

Fans and media alike, need to be aware of these great things athletes do for their communities. Most athletes are integral in helping out in their community, as well as starting and supporting numerous charities. Check out the 32 nominees for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. Take the time to look at the contributions made by the football player from your favorite team.

It would be hard to select just one player from this list. It would be hard to say one charity is more important over another. In the PC (politically correct) world we live in it is probably expected for me to give a trophy to each of the 32 athletes, because they all try hard. However, the staff here at Sports Revelation feel it is important to honor a winner for this week’s Athlete You Would Let Your Daughter Date. So, let’s stop discussing how disgusted we are with the actions of Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman. Instead we are going to focus on the positive actions and accomplishments of Greg Olsen. Let’s look at all of the “Amazing” Carolina Panther’s Greg Olsen is doing and how he and his charities are bigger than just football.

Greg Olsen created the program “The Heartest Yard,” with Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte following the life changing events and inspiration from his son T.J. “The Heartest Yard” provides resources to families to help improve survival rate for their infants whom undergo cardiovascular surgery. Greg has often quoted the toughness of his son for inspiration. “The Heartest Yard,” will offer assistance and guidance to worried families in their time of need between the family’s arrival home and the following medical procedures and surgery. Ultimately, the Olsen’s want the families to be able to enjoy their infant at home, and allow the infant to be play and to just be an infant.

Tis the season to wear tacky holiday sweaters, ring in the new year, and spend time with family and loved ones. It is also the time to realize there are lots of NFL athletes doing great things in the community. Greg Olsen, tight end for the Carolina Panthers, is a perfect example of doing great things in his community. He uses the platform given to him for being a successful athlete to bring awareness and offer support to families off the football field. Let’s celebrate the holiday season, and let’s celebrate Greg Olsen for continued excellence off the field.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.




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