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All-Star Weekend, Home Runs, and Bat Flips

Everyone loves home runs.

So if monster home runs are great, then monster home runs with bat flips must be greater?!

Yes. They. Are.

We know many fans are getting ready to celebrate the Home Run Derby and the MLB All-Star Weekend. We thought we would kick off the excitement with some home runs and some monster bat flips. It seems the boys from across the pond know how to show off a home run. Keep the bat flips coming boys!

Hong Sung-heon

Jung Hoon (plus love the announcer’s call!)

Even a foul ball gets a nasty bat flip. Choi Jun knew, just knew, he got all of this one. Just a bit foul (still awesome flip).

Jin Hyung gets in on the action.

And finally, some players from the MLB flipping bats. Enjoy!

Keep flipping bats long ball hitters, and we will keep celebrating home runs. Let’s get together and celebrate the All-Star Game and America’s Pastime.

As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly



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