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IJPC: FIFA Knows How To Make Money

Women’s World Cup 2015 starts on June 6. The USA Women’s Team plays Australia on June 8, but I’m sure FIFA wants you to watch all of the games on June 6th and 7th. FIFA also makes sure to get their name first on “FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015(trademark).”

Of course they do.

FIFA is great at making money. They released their earnings for 2014, which totaled over $2 Billion. Very nice. For the 4 years of the World Cup Cycle, 2011 – 2014, FIFA totaled $5.7 Billion. 84% of this $5.7 Billion can be related to the TV rights. So essentially, the more games you watch the more money FIFA pockets. It’s actually that simple.

Let’s pull together and help our women bring home another trophy. But let’s also remember, when watching every single game we are putting money, 84% of $5.7 Billion actually, into the pockets of FIFA.

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As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly

For more details on FIFA’s earnings, including the full report, check out this article on



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