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IJPC LeBron James Olympic Edition

We will focus on the number: One (1). 1 is the number of Gold Medals LeBron James has, by himself, more than the entire population of India (if you do not count field hockey). USA v Spain I will say it 1 more time (and I’m actually speaking slower so you catch what I’m saying). If you take away any gold medals that King James or India has won from the sport of field hockey, India has 1 single gold medal. King James, on the on the other hand, has 2 gold medals from the 2012 and 2008 Olympic Games. (USA Basketball). So, besides field hockey, LeBron James, Mr. Cleveland Homecoming King himself, has 1 more gold medal than the entire population of India. For more on Lebron James vs the Entire Population of India visit LBJ vs. India. However, thanks to Abhinav Bindra and his sharp shooting skills, India has 1 more gold medal in an individual event, compared to LeBron James, or me for that matter. Hmm……that seems unbelievable. Enjoy Sports Responsibly

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