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IJPC: The NBA is Stealing Some of the NFL’s In-Season SpotLight

$24 Billion.

24 Billion dollars, that’s crazy! Can you imagine what you could purchase, or do, with this amount of cash money? $24 billion could do alot of good (hmmm…. it could also finally get me one of these).


Yes, $24 billion is alot of money, and it’s also the new Media Rights Deal the NBA just signed with ESPN and Turner Sports. Don’t worry, it’s over 9 years, so it just seems large. Wait! no, it’s almost $2.6 billion  per year.

“What’s the big deal,” you ask?

Currently the largest portion of your cable bill is made up of…you guessed it, sports networks. According to the Deadspin article, by Kevin Draper, Cable providers have to pay ESPN $5.75, and TNT $1.28 a month. With ESPN and TNT now offering a 180% increase in the cash rolling into the NBA, you sure can bet your cable bill will go up. The Cable companies are going to pass the buck, or couple of bucks per month, on to you, the subscriber.

We need to stop feeding the monster.

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