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Interesting, or Just Plain Crazy (An Ever Growing Monster and the Fatty-Fat American Kids)

$100 Million < $425 Million

The Monster continues to be fed despite the warnings, “Don’t feed the wild animals.” As it eats, it grows bigger and bigger, just like the youth of America.

The globe seems to be head over heels-crazy for Futbol and FIFA and television networks are cashing in.

World Cup matches were first aired live in America in 1982, but it was not until 1998 that ALL games were televised live in the US. Of course, as the ratings improve and commercial spots were able to be filled, more games were able to be televised. Now, why would I say “The Monster is being fed?” ESPN reportedly paid 100 million dollars for the last 2 World Cups (2010 and 2014). 100 million seems like a nice chunk of change. However, Fox reportedly just reached an agreement worth 425 Million Dollars, for the next 2 World Cups (2018 and 2022). That is quite a jump between the 2 deals. For more details on the nitty-gritty check out this entertaining article on

Fox is a free channel however, right? I mean you can get Fox without cable, right? My initial response is “Kinda.” Just like ABC and ESPN are owned by the same company. Regular Fox you can get without cable, but do not forget about the newly created Fox Sports 1. To get the games on Fox Sports 1, you are going to have to open up your wallets, or use your Bit coins.

Just like the overweight youth of ‘Merica, cable costs and money made off television rights on sports, will not change unless we (and when I say ‘we” I mean ‘you’) make small changes. We can tame this sports monster, we can tame the mythical Greek Lamia, which is eating our kids. You really do not need to watch every single second, of every single World Cup game. Instead, go out to buy a futbol, and grab some of those overweight, couch-potatoes, we call the youth of America, and get outdoors and kick the ball around. Hell it’s okay to break a sweat that is not just in your armpits when you are nervous during the final stoppage time of the World Cup games. Running and sweating are okay.


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