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Is the NFL Just the Tip of the Iceburg?

Last weekend was a very busy weekend for the NFL, on and off the competitive field. As the week progressed the talking heads of various networks circled like sharks in chum filled waters, and ESPN seems more like Nancy Grace and law TV. Sport show hosts are now shaking their righteous scepters and pointing out blame.

It’s easy, way too easy, to single out the NFL and the way the “Shield” handles it’s players who are in trouble with the law, as well as the consequences and punishments, or lack there of,  it hands out for breaking these laws (Our friends at Deadspin have a fun team  NFL Arrest Tracker, which due to recent activities, might need some updates). However, we can look at all sports and see poor behavior, and lack of significant punishments to the athletes making these decisions, is a common theme.

We will start with MLB and use of PED’s by it’s players. There is no threat of serious consequences for testing positive, beside getting the chance to sign a whooping contract. Don’t forget, Baseball contracts are guaranteed!


Remember Ryan Braun? Yes the same MVP Ryan Braun, who signed a $ 145.5 million contract. The same Ryan Braun who tested positive for use of PED’s, got off on a technicality, then held a press conference and blasted the media, public, and sports writers. Later, this same Ryan Braun tested positive again, then hid behind a released typed statement admitting he made a mistake. What a Chickenshit! Once he returned from serving his suspension, he was applauded. Applauded?! Are you F’ing kidding me?! Besides the fact he CHEATED, he lied. He is a bold face lier! Yet, what punishment did he get (Detailed Braun Timeline)? What will prevent other baseball players from doing the same thing? Nothing.

Maybe lack of serious punishments only exists in professional sports? Atleast Colleges and Universities are here to help athletic teens grow up into young, respectable men, right?

At the beginning of this college football season there were high hopes for Auburn to make another National Championship run. There was also talk about the possibility their starting quarterback, Nick Marshall, could make some noise in the Heisman race.  However, before the season started, Marshall and fellow teammate Jonathon Mincy, got caught with possession of marijuana. The punishment? Both players sat out the first half of the first game. Both returning to play in the second half, when Auburn then rolled Arkansas scoring 24 straight points. Of course, this victory will keep the National Championship and Heisman discussions alive.

Speaking of Heisman and National Champions, Mr. Famous Jameis (Winston) himself is back to the familiar spotlight of behaving poorly. He too was given first half suspension for the upcoming FSU vs. Clemson Game. This suspension comes after Winston shouted a particular explicit phrase from standing atop a table in the student center.

A first half suspension? Really? What does this prove? Nothing. A first half suspension proves nothing for these two individuals. In Marshalls’s case, he returned in the 2nd half and Auburn completely blew out Arkansas. If FSU beats Clemson this Saturday, then both of thes teams will stay in the National Championship picture. We can only wait and see if this first half suspension has a lasting impact on Mr. Winston. Will the punishment of his latest poor decision help him to act mature and suddenly walk the ‘Straight and narrow”?

If the benefit of an action out weighs any risk or consequence, this action will always be taken. A new contract worth millions of dollars is a far better incentive, then a suspension for a few games and a crowd cheering your return.

First and foremost, athletes are responsible for their actions and should be held accountable. Period. There is no excuse ever, ever, for domestic abuse, or violence towards children.

Athletes are responsible for their actions. There needs to be accountability.  Yes, Jameis Winston did not break the law, but making poor judgement after poor judgement does bring about consequences. Just like, when one commits a crime, there are punishments. There seems to be no one holding athletes accountability. The past week has been proof that as reporters and fans continue to look beneath the waterline of sports, we see a massive, icy presence. The more we look, the more we seem to find hiding beneath the surface. Maybe with the recent burst of media coverage, social media backlash, boycottes, Viking’s cutting WR Simpson, and public outrage a glimmer of accountability will be born.




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  1. JW

    September 20, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Just read FSU has extended Winston’s suspension for entire game today, vs. Clemson.

    Sorry, the post was added last night before the entire game suspension was made public. Just wanted to add to the piece.

    Enjoy Sports Responsibly

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