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Jagoff of the Week: Jameis Winston Can Add More Hardware to His Trophy Case

Another week has passed. That means a few things. Next week marks the end of September and the beginning of October. Another week also means a new Jagoff. So many athletes to choose from, who is the lucky athlete?

This week’s Jagoff of the week goes to Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston does not shy away from the spotlight. Some people only get 15 minutes of fame, Jameis Winston wears bedazzled fame draped across his shoulders like JaMarcus Russel wears furs.



As an athlete, Mr. Winston, almost has it all. He is the starting quarterback for defending nations champions, the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles. He also pitches for FSU’s highly ranked, power house, baseball team. Did I mention he won the Heisman trophy last year? Name a young athlete who would not love that resume to be their very own. Going into this college football season, many thought Jameis would be a possible choice for the number one overall draft pick in the NFL. Although, number one drafts picks do not get the absurd amount of money for their first contract (please see JaMarcus Russell), it still means Mr. Winston is guaranteed to make more money then I’ll ever see.

All Jameis Winston really needed to do this year, was have a somewhat successful College football season, and keep his neck out of trouble (I would add to stay injury free, but did not want to jinx the kid). However, keeping himself out of trouble seems to be harder than one would imagine. His troubles range from yelling obscenities in the student union building, stealing $32 worth of crab legs, something to do with a broken window (or 12) and a bb gun shootout, all the way to the very serious accusations of alleged sexual assault (which he was found not guilty).

Mr. Winston does not seem to learn from his mistakes, no matter how serious or how petty they appear. Why would he? What punishments has he gotten? I would argue none.

His latest punishment was sitting out for an entire game. Whoa! The Noles rallied around freshman quarterback Sean Maguire to defeat Clemson in overtime. During this scare to the defending champs, Winston was standing on the sidelines grinning from ear to ear, wearing a hat that was too small for his head. At least the team won, and their hopes of repeating as national champs is still alive. Was this suspension enough to change Mr. Winston? I’m not sure.

He seems to always say the correct things to the media. However, he says these same things again, and again, and again… should we believe him this time?

As far as FSU run at another NCAA championship, it’s still intake. Jameis Winston can thank his team mates for this. As far as, being sorry, or having regret for his actions, that is up to Winston. Would the punishment of a one game suspension been more effective if FSU would have lost? Was sitting out as his team was still successful, even though he was still part of the spot light, effective? I don’t know.

I do not wish this young man ill fortune. I do not wish him to not succeed. I do wish he learns from his mistakes and grows up as a person. I do not think it is too much to ask a 20 year old to take themselves serious and act responsible. It is hard to root for a player who continues to make stupid choices in life.




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