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Do We Need More Bat Flips?

The Wild Card games are complete and the Divisional Series are almost over. We have seen the fantastic, and in the Blue Jays vs Rangers game we saw the bizarre (7th inning). Also in this game we saw one hell of a bat flip!

In case you missed it.


And one more time, just for fun.


This leads us to the poll question:

This could be a slippery slope. If MLB starts allowing more bat flips we could have an epidemic like dancing in the NFL. A runner gets a first down he does a first down dance. Wide receiver catches a ball he does a dance. If a wide receiver does not catch a ball the defensive back does a dance. Do we really want bat flips to happen without some sort of ramification? Do we, as sport fans, really want batters to do some sort of excessive bat flip for something they are paid (with guaranteed contracts) to do? They are paid to hit home runs, no?

Allowing bat flips could open Pandora’s box. This could lead to pitchers having their own signature strike out dance move, catchers with a “throw out a runner” dance move, or infielders “turning double play” synchronized 3 man dance move. It could never stop. Where do you draw the line? Max Scherzer would need multiple dance movers. One for strike outs, one for complete games, one for last out, one for last out of a no hitter…

Bat flips are fun.  And winning a divisional series at home with a monster 3 run home run, after you lost the lead when your catcher mistakenly throws the ball off the batters bat instead of back to the pitcher, might be one of the most amazingly bizarre sequence of events in sports history. Congrats on the dramatic win, Blue Jays. Keep flipping bats Mr. Bautista.

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