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You cannot hide from “Johnny Football” these days. Mr. Manziel seems permanently affixed to our televisions and computers. He obviously generates ratings and traffic? I can only assume that it is because he is such a polarizing figure, and I can only hope that it is because so many people dislike his obnoxious style.

I initially wondered is it the chicken or the egg? Did ESPN and other media outlets create our fascination with Manziel or did Manziel himself drive the fevered obsession? I choose to believe that sports channels are giving the American public what we want to see. We are the demand and they supply. This makes me sad, yet hopeful. I am sad that we spend any resources on someone whose motives are so obviously selfish. I am hopeful that we just do not realize we have a choice and the power to persuade.

Lets for a moment contrast Johnny Manziel with another NFL quarterback who seems nearly forgotten this summer. Drew Brees has been busy raising $1.5 Million benefitting organizations all around the country especially helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. Oh, and with the help of Kenny Chesney and Matthew McConaughey they raised another $800,000 for the New Orleans community. He manages all of this of this charity work while making his family his main priority. Did I mention he is actually a proven quarterback?   john

I am going on the assumption that the vast majority of Americans do not like Johnny Manziel’s antics, but are drawn to him because he represents a villain to root against. I could be entirely wrong, in which case, Merica we have a bigger problem, and one that will be a little harder to correct. Luckily the fix for the Johnny Manziel overload that we are currently experiencing is simple. If you do not want to see more of this particular over-hyped, egotistical, and yet unproven athlete

DO NOT CLICK……. The Manziel links. Websites tracks those clicks closely

DO NOT BUY…….Jerseys. This is an emphatic vote for the behavior Manziel exhibits.

Do NOT WATCH……..Anything Manziel related. Let cable networks know we want more Brees, less Manziel.

Cast your vote America, and let the chips fall where they may. I am betting we are a nation of Brees fans and not Manziel idolizers. Lets send a message. If Manziel becomes more popular and profits off his behavior just think what the next guy will do. I still have more hope than sadness. So if you see a young child with a Manziel Jersey please report his/her parents to child protective services. That would qualify as enjoying sports responsibly.


  1. Trey

    August 25, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    I think it is just a maturity issue. Lets remember Johhny is only 21 years old. He has been on the biggest spotlight since he was 17. I think he will learn from his mistakes and will be alright. Most of the things he has been criticized for (partying, late for meetings, etc) are pretty normal for males his age. Plenty of college/pro athletes act like he does, but don’t get the attention he does. The only reason why he gets noticed is because he is a heisman winner and his expectations are high. I’m going to give him a break for now, however he needs to realize that he can’t behave like an 18 year old anymore. He is just starting his career and should learn things fairly fast. Hopefully he learns from his actions. Just my thoughts.

  2. Scott

    August 25, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Trey, good thoughts. He can use the whipper-snapper pass for a little longer. My issue is not the partying, but his on-field behavior. It is just too obnoxious for me, and like you said he has been in the spotlight for 4 years so he knows what he is doing. The more interesting question for me is why has he has garnered so much attenetion. Is this what American sports fans want, or is this just what ESPN feeds us? I prefer the way Drew Brees handles himself(even when he was 21), and I wonder why ESPN hasn’t mentioned any of Brees’s activities this summer?

  3. Trey

    August 26, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    I think part of the reason is the unknown. Everyone expects Brees to be a solid QB. The only way he gets in the news would be if he struggles or has a record breaking year. The media and fans have no idea what to expect from Mr. Football. In a way it’s very similar to Tim Tebow. Both are among the top college QB’s to ever play, however questions are there if they can make the transition to the NFL. Tebow was not able to….will Johnny?

  4. Scott

    August 26, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    I don’t think I am the only one who would like to hear more uplifting stories of what athletes do off the field. I love the idea, that if enough fans “cast their vote” we can make a difference. You point is excellent – Manziel is a fresh face like Tebow was. I choose to root against his behavior by not paying attention to him until he matures.

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