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And the Trend Continues…

Sometimes life gives us stories so great we could not write them any better. During a rainy, cold, and over cast day, life gave us a shiny nugget of a story to make us all smile.

What happens when you place a rookie quarterback who has already made decisions raising questions to his dedication to his sport, with a young wide receiver who has a history of being in trouble with the law? You get this year’s Cleveland Browns (which is unfortunate for the hard working players).

This past weekend the Cleveland Browns did not have 3 of their young stars for their final game. Josh Gordon was suspended, yet again. This time he was suspended for missing a walk-through on Saturday, the day before the final game. Justin Gilbert was not on the active list because he was late for a meeting. Johnny Manziel was out of uniform because he was injured. However, he was fined because he missed rehab for his injury on Saturday. Mr. Manziel was also asked to stay back along side Gilbert in the locker room during the Browns last game.

So what was going on Friday night causing athletes to miss team functions? Apparently, Johnny Manziel threw a party on Friday night. Numerous teammates were reported to be in attendance, including Mr. Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon, who has had his fair share of legal troubles, was suspended for the last game for violation of team policy.  Really!?! This is just too perfect. Who did not see this coming?


I know all of these athletes are young, have lots of money, and are just having fun. However, Mr. Manziel continues to be in the news for his off-the-field antics. I’m sure once Mr. Manziel and Mr. Gordon memorize the apologies written by their publicists, they will say “all of the right words.” Hopefully they will mean them, but I’m starting to feel like I’ve heard these words before. We will have to watch how their professional careers unfold. Until then, the next time I’m running late or miss work, I’m just going to say, “I was at Johnny’s party last night.”

Happy Holidays! Enjoy Sports Responsibly!

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