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Julio Jones, Earrings, and a Quest to the Bottom of the Lake

Everyone should have a person in their life that will give them completely honest feedback. This might be a parent or grandparent, or sometimes we are lucky to have that one truly honest friend.

I bring this up because Julio Jones needs this person in his life. He needed this person when he decided to jump on a jet ski. He needed someone to ask, “Hey I’m going to hop on this jet ski and zip around Lake Lanier , and I was just going to keep my $150,000.00 earring in. What do you think?” Now, I’m sure a person with a reasonable IQ and some common sense would reply, “That seems kinda like a dumb idea, I mean, what if you lost your earring?”

Instead, Julio jumps on the jet ski, has some fun in the sun, cruises around the lake, and then jumps into the water. In the process he loses his $150,000 earring. Oops. And in the process he wins our Jagoff of the Week. Congrats!

I understand Julio Jones has the cash to cover this type of thing ($71.25 Million Dollar Contract), and he does not have to worry about losing $150G’s. Some might even say, “Ballers don’t worry about losing small shit like earrings.” True. Plus, he did have the earring insured.

Next time Julio wants to jump on a jet ski, go ski diving, or do anything where he could lose his earring, I hope he gives the earring to me. I’ll gladly hold on to it for him. Hell, for all I care he can say he “lost it.” Like Julio said, “As long as I’m good, it’s just materialistic, you can always get that kind of stuff back.



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