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America: Land of Opportunities and Opinions, No?

I wish more professional sports team owners acted like the Rooney family. The Rooney family has owned the Steelers since the inception in 1933. Since 1933, the Rooney’s and the Steelers have forged a team first attitude. When I heard the Steelers released LaGarrett Blount after leaving early from the last Steeler game, I was not surprised.


I was not surprised, because this is another example of “No one player is bigger then the team” image, which the Steeler organization portrays.

I was also not surprised the player released was LaGarrett Blount, because  the image he has branded for himself, fair or not, is selfishness.

It is easy for me to point a finger at Blount. I’ll admit, I don’t know LaGarrett Blount, and I have never met him. So, like I said, it isn’t fair of me to think LaGarrett is a selfish person. But I do.

He missed most of his senior season in 2009,  for punching a Boise State football player following the game.

His rookie year, Blount landed a punch on fellow Tennessee Titan’s teammate Eric Bakhtiari in training camp of 2010.

Earlier this season, in August, Blount was arrested with fellow Steeler running back Le’Veon bell, for misdemeanor marajuana charge.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gasette, reported a source told him, “Blount has been an ‘internal problem,’ for atleast a month now for the Steelers.” Maybe his latest reaction has been a long time coming. Atleast LaGarrett left without throwing any punches. Maybe the kid has grown up and matured, and just calmly walked away? Only time will tell. I’m sure with the talent Mr. Blount possesses, some team will look past his history, and take a gamble and sign him. Hell, Mike Reiss, of ESPN Boston has already written a piece titled, “Weighing pros and cons of Patriots re-signing LaGarrett Blount.”

LaGarrett Blount will have other opportunites to play tackle football. He will get another chance to prove he’s a beast of a running back. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll get a chance to prove he’s not just another selfish athlete getting yet another chance.


As always, Enjoy Sport Responsibly

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