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LBJ vs. Population of India (Round 2)

We have already scientifically proven the world would choose LBJ over the population of India to save a puppy from a fire. But what about politics? American politics are a mess. The right wing will not agree with the left. Nor, can the Constitutional party, the Green party, and/or the Libertarians agree on many issues. We need an individual to step up, and bring everyone together for the good of the country. Don’t most politicians remember they were elected to work for those who elected them, and not their own political careers. Who could make these egotistical individuals work together?

Who would be such a person, and where can we find this leader? I put this question to society in general, in round 2 of LeBron James vs. the Population of India. Who would you pick to help save American Politics and help rally all sides together? LeBron James (He is a king after all) vs the entire population of India (You can choose from over 1.2 billion).


Yes, LeBron James, wins again! He would be our choice to save a puppy from a burning condo, just as we would obviously choose him to unite the politicians of America. After all, he made Cleveland “Believe”, twice. We are all witnesses.


we are witnesses

First they put up this monster poster-like-creation. Then they tore it down. Once LeBron James took the city of Cleveland off his massive, muscle-filled and tatted-up shoulders, and placed it upon the ground, the city openly scolded and cursed him. But, he returned.

After 4 seasons in Miami, he returned to city which still housed the cooled-down ashes of his burnt jerseys. The amazing part, was the people welcomed him back. The very same people who had washed the soot from their hands, now stretched wide their arms to welcome him back! What politician is able to win the hearts of his enemies like this? I can not name one. The same people who called him terrible names, sewed up their town jersey’s and placed number 23 back on their shoulders as they gaze towards a new positive future of Cleveland sports. This future filled with hoisting Championship banner after banner. The King, their King, has returned.


Lebron's Decision Cleveland Basketball

Not only can LeBron James get people and cities to cheer for him again, but he is also a great negotiator and motivator. Lebron helped to get the “Big 3” together in Miami. He took a pay cut to make this happen. This means he is financially educated, and will be financially responsible right? He also orchestrated the recent Kevin Love trade to Cleveland. Hell, he even made Pat Riley, Coach Spoelstra, and Greg Odgen himself, believe that Oden could still play basketball. I mean, seriously, Greg Oden? Who would think Greg Oden could contribute to a NBA Title run?  Oden hasn’t played since the 2010 season. LeBron makes people believe.

Even when LeBron James makes a mistake, he owns up and admits it. In a piece in Sports Illustrated,  James admits, “My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball,” “I didn’t’ realize that four years ago. I do now.”

Now, I’m sure you could sift through the population of India and find a few good candidates out of the 1.2 billion or so people. The President of India, would be a good place for starters. President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, took office of India in 2012, and has been instrumental in making many positive changes in India . He has spent his life in politics and in the world of Academia, and is noted for being a great leader. So, President Mukherjee seems qualified to help American Politics. But come on, he will not get the same results as King James. LeBron’s a King for crying out loud! Plus, Lebron has over 14.5 million follows on twitter, so he’s gotta be…well…awesome!

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