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Let’s Start with Something Simple and Non-controversial Like Sexual Assault

First off, I’m a huge FSU fan. Phew…okay, okay, I got that off my chest.

I understand they are on the verge of a good season (understatement meant to ward off any jinxes). However, this season fails in comparison to some of the headlines coming out of Seminole Nation.

The accusations are beyond serious, they are beyond sport, they are beyond national championship discussions, and the cops need to do their job. They need to look past the spot lights, and football. They need to look past game day chants and kids waving their arms in unison to the band, and bring about justice. The Seminole People ARE honor and respect;  and by brushing this investigation under a proverbial rug, they insult these very individuals that speak up to keep their name in the rightful place of honor as Florida State University’s mascot.

I am not insinuating the police and investigators are not doing their job. I am only saying, for them to keep it up.

Sport is just that, “Sport,” and real life is more important to sport. Every. day.

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