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Dear Responsibility, Can We Just Pretend I am a Pro Athlete?

Dear responsibility, you are not fun. Why can I not drive my sports car down the road while smoking pot?  The answer seems very clear and logical to most sports fans, but apparently some professional athletes do not bother to ask this question. We sports fans however, live in the real world. It is a world where, admittedly I wish I could escape sometimes by getting high. But I absolutely do not. I do not smoke marijuana. The reason I do not smoke has nothing to do with the herb that grows naturally in our wonderful country. I am not ashamed to admit I used to inhale the cannabis in college, and it was very enjoyable. Then I graduated and got a job. Now I have a family. I work for a hospital system and support my family by doing so. My employer makes it clear that if I test positive for pot, I will be fired. My family depends upon my modest salary. I have a responsibility. The rules may be silly but unfortunately they are the rules.

What if I lived in Colorado or Washington? I still would say nope to the dope. My responsibility to my employer and more importantly my family would prevent me from partaking. Darn this sense of responsibility! This is no fun! Why do all these rules and laws apply to me? I wish I was bigger and could run faster. Maybe the laws would not apply to me.

In case you have not guessed, I am referring to Le’Veon Bell and LaGarrette Blount of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bell and Blount are just a couple of guys making a lot more money than I, and they also have many more people depending upon them. In fact, they have a whole team and an entire (Steeler) nation of fans who rely on them. Yet, Inexplicably, they decided to smoke pot. Not only did they smoke up, they got in a car and drove down the road. Mr. Bell was allegedly driving under the influence, so this is no longer a victimless crime.  They apparently were smoking so much that a motorcycle policeman could smell it. Did no one tell the cop that these guys played professional football? You can’t actually arrest a Steeler football player in Pittsburgh right? Yet he did.LeVeon_Bell_26_practing_2013

You see this is not really a marijuana issue at all. It is an issue of responsibility and judgment. Maybe more importantly it is an issue of athletes thinking they can live by a different set of rules than the rest of us. Mr. Bell and Mr. Blount: this one hurts and hits close to home in many ways, but I have no defense for your actions. The league and the Steelers organization may penalize you. What I will do as a fan is withdraw my support. If enough Steeler fans do the same, will you get the message?



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