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Mayweather vs McGregor

This weekend there will be a boxing match, have you heard? Arguably, one of the best defensive boxers ever, one of the best fighters of his generation will place his record of 49-0 on the line. Floyd “Money” Mayweather will place his undefeated record on the line to fight…well another undefeated boxer. Mayweather will fight UFC’s Conor McGregor, who had never had a professional boxing match. EVER. So, he too has never lost.

This seems a little bit lopsided and silly.

To me it seems like a professional softball player is trying to hit a home run off a Cy Young Winner, or a a decathlete is going to race Usain Bolt in the 100 Meters. Not really a fair fight.

Despite all of this, millions of people are shelling out $100 dollars to watch the fight on TV. Estimated purse could be anywhere from $100 Million for Mayweather and $75 Million for McGregor, up to $400 Million for Mayweather and $125 Million for McGregor.

That’s a lot of pay per view subscriptions for a circus of an event.

We, at are interested to know what would you pay to watch this fight? Just remember, you are directly contributing to the final pay out for this event.



Enjoy this montage of James Harrison being a beast. And as always, remember to #EnjoySportsResponsibly


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