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Finally, An Age Old Question Answered

I guess LeSean McCoy helped answer the age old question: Is it better to be a Rock-Star or an athlete? Rock stars don’t have to place ads for women on their social media accounts. Then again, neither did Wilt Chamberlain

LeSean McCoy posted an evite for a party he was hosting via Instagram. However, the invite came across as lacking good judgement. I’m sure the idea for his “Female Only,” top secret party was conceived while hanging out with his boys. I’m sure other males have dreamt about hosting a party with only a select few of their closest commands and then hundreds of smoking hot ladies. Well, Mr. McCoy had the balls and the ability to try to pull this off.

However, try as he might this invitation failed. It read as an pervs invitation for hot females with a sprinkle of creepiness. Why did his invite have all of this secrecy? A undisclosed site? A pick up and drop off location? WTF?!, Are we moving product? This entire party seems like a pay-per-view event of the bachelor. How many roses will LeSean be giving out during this event?

I’m sure his friends who were given a “golden ticket” to attend this party were pumped.  But, did not one ask, “Is there any chance something bad is not going to happen?” Seriously? In this day in age with Cosby, Sharper, and negative stories about athletes constantly being reported there should have been a little voice of reason saying, “This party seems like a freaking awesome idea, but…maybe we should rethink the details.” Because a bunch of random girls being invited to a secret party, at a secret location, with plenty of booze, and at least one football star sounds like a recipe for a few egos to be hurt (It’s not like I’m comparing this to the Vikings Love Boat scandal or the Ravens Party Bus scandal, lets not get all fire-and-brimstone-crazy). But hey, I bet his boys have been mooching off LeSean’s stardom for a long time and no one wants to chance losing these mooching-privileges by speaking up.

Very sadly this “Female Only” party has been cancelled. Shame. I could not wait to see how this evening turned out. Maybe cooler heads prevailed, or maybe someone with reason spoke to LeSean. No matter what the cause for cancellation, this party was shut down before it started. McCoy first responded with an attempt of sarcasm blaming others for taking his creepiness out of context. Finally, he accepted some blame as he spoke to the media about the party.

In the end, boring average Joe’s, like myself, will not know what goes down at an exclusive party hosted by a baller. I bet some people envied LeSean for being able to attempt to host this party. Maybe others assumed this party was going to be a fiasco. It doesn’t matter. The interesting take is individuals and fans took a stand on this party. We thought this invitation was odd and slightly disturbing, and we called out a superstar athlete.  Reporters, social media critics, and fans thought this party was a bad idea and we spoke up. The party was cancelled. It’s amazing the strength of a single solitary voice when spoken in unison with another, and another, and another.

Remember, Enjoy Sports Responsibly. #NoMoreMayPac

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