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Messiah of the South

On any given weekend in the United States, millions of good folks are eager to give praise and devotion. Some congregate in massive groups to feel the electricity generated by communal worship. Others prefer small groups at home and local establishments, while some just want to quietly absorb the message in their own home. Of course, I am talking about football. It is a peculiar religion in which there are many gods, devils, and angles. The preachers are ordained by public opinion on social media. Actually, a figure can be a god one week and the devil the next. The great story is still being written, and millions of Americans are devoted to following it.

Football as America’s religion is not a new concept. It is most often discussed in terms of college football in the South. In 2008 Chad Gibbs published “God and Football”  and a recent article in the Washington Post detailed how football is a religion and how religion shapes football in SEC country. Each publication details the extent to which players and coaches are held in high reverence. Last I knew, these football coaches and players were mere humans, and some were just kids, fresh out of high school. So to illustrate the silliness here is a quick poll:

Of course football is a large part of southern culture, but in reality American football has mesmerized the entire country, and it continues to supplant many other aspects of society. There is only so much room for each segment of society to occupy in our individual lives. We are limited by our time, money, and energy. So where do these common aspects of society rank: Education, Service, Religion, Family, Community, Health/Exercise, Sports and Entertainment? Thankfully just like NCAA football, we can implement a playoff system, and the people of America can vote with their own actions. Hopefully with dedication, practice, and committment to a greater good we can bump football off the top of the podium.






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