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Do Fans Really Want Their Favorite Baseball Team Breaking the Bank to Sign Free Agents?

The MLB season is just upon us and the road to the playoffs stretches far off into the distance. How’s your team fairing? Is your favorite team a heaping pile of stink like the Atlanta Braves, or are you a Cubs fan and already making plans for the playoffs and World Series? Are you excited about a new rookie, and how’s that big time free agent working out for your team? Diamondback fans, still excited about paying Zack Greinke $206 million?

We want to know, as a fan where do you stand with your team signing that huge free agent, that is a too-good-to-fail superstar? We are currently compiling data, looking back at last year’s season to see if teams with free agents actually were more successful winning games compared to teams that did not sign free agents. But for now, what’s your thought? Are you okay signing a superstar free agent knowing it’s a bad contract for your team and will hurt the organization in the long run? Or, would you rather try to build your team through the draft and signing quality players steering clear of the massive contracts? It is your choice, you are GM for a day.


Thanks for voting and spread the word to Enjoy Sports Responsibly.

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