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Mr. Excitement Tim Duncan

Duncan_Cropped-2Substance over style — that sounds like a winner to me, and he is. Tim Duncan has won FIVE NBA championship rings. What is not to like? The guy hugs his kids after winning title number five, runs a very charitable charity, and he is humble.

BORING!!! This is the general consensus about Mr. Duncan. Calling Tim Duncan boring is another example of how we as a society allow and even encourage outlandish behavior from the  athletes we watch.  In today’s sports world you have to be  a relentless self-promoter (read self-absorbed) to grab the attention and endorsement deals. I mean, how else can anyone afford a second Ferrari? I don’t know about you, but I am buying what Tim Duncan is selling, and Kobe can keep his Vitamin Water.

This Just in: Tim Duncan has decided to continue his career for an 18th season with the San Antonio Spurs and has exercised his $10.3 million player option for next season. Does he deserve this outrageous sum of money? Yes, and he probably deserves more, based on the amount of cash he brings to the Spurs franchise. The sad part is not how much Tim Duncan earns, but  how much money we as a society pump into our sports addiction.

I think a great guy like Tim Duncan would be okay if his piece was proportionally taken from a slightly smaller pie. I could be wrong, but somehow I think Mr. Duncan would be okay if we stuffed less money into the pie already dripping with cash.

Please visit Tim Duncan’s charity website:

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