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The NFL Continues to be Hypocritical About Players Safety

The National Football League makes a lot of money, a ton of money.

The NFL wants to continue to make their billions of dollars, and the League knows in order to do this it must take care of it’s players. No one can argue that the players do not get paid. However, the NFL has also agreed to a settlement for a Concussion Lawsuit which will pay medical bills of qualifying retired players up to $5 million.  Obviously, the NFL wants to protect it’s image especially in regards to concussions and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). There are emails being reported that the NFL spoke with Sony Corporation to “alter” content for their upcoming movie ‘Concussion.’

No matter what the NFL has done, or not done, they completely missed the concussion of St. Louis Rams Case Keenum on Sunday. Keenum was thrown to the ground near the end of the game against the Baltimore Ravens clearly slamming his head off the turf. Despite Keenum being the Rams quarterback, a position usually heavily watched, there was no stop in the game as Keenum was physically assisted back to the line for the next snap. The coaching staff and the trained medical professional present known as a “concussion spotter,” with the sole responsibility to stop the game when a player is displaying characteristics of sustaining a concussion, did not step in and stop the game. Oops.

Despite the fact Keenum immediately grabbed his head, and despite the fact Keenum needed help to stand, and despite the fact Keenum had the old-wobbly-shaky knees as if he just got punched by Mike Tyson, no one thought to stop the game and to simply evaluate the human being who just had his head bounce on the turf. That’s amazingly scary and speaks very clearly of the NFL’s stance on concussions in regards to the safety of their players.

I guess the game must go on, right?! What’s another quarterback down with a concussion to the NFL, they are still making money. (Oh, and if you are counting at home, 87 out of the 91 deceased football players tested positive for CTE)

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