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NFL Season Recap: C.R.E.A.M

Another football season has come and gone. While they have finished cleaning up the shiny green and white confetti in Minnesota, I imagine clean up along the streets of Brotherly Love will take a bit longer. Free beer for all Philly Fans, Dilly Dilly!

Despite the overall television ratings down for both the NFL and the Super Bowl, fans seem to be happy about the outcome. The Super Bowl was exciting as hell, who needs defense???  And most of us are happy he Patriots lost. So as far as fans go, I guess you can say we are happy with what we watched in Super Bowl LII. Even if we still don’t know what the hell constitutes a catch (who cares, have another brew and you’ll feel better).

NFL owners are ecstatic as they made tons of money this year. However,  I’m sure they will get together,  freshly tanned, to discuss how they can make even more profit. Especially since, this year’s Super Bowl ratings and the regular season ratings were down.

So, as we (fans of the NFL) slip closer to spring and further away from a wonderful Super Bowl we must remember the few things we learned. First, we learned Brady is still the GOAT but he cannot catch the ball as good as Nick Foles or my grandmother. Next, we must remember the NFL and the owners care bout one thing, and one thing only. All they care about is make, “Straight cash, homie.”


We must remember the NFL only cares about this one thing, money. They worry about television ratings since they affect TV contracts, and TV contracts equal money. The NFL does not care about player’s safety. The NFL Concussion Protocol is a joke. We all knew Gronk was going to play in the Super Bowl after his hit…

And what about Tom Savage being allowed to go back into the game after this hit…

And what about this comprehensive evaluation of Russel Wilson after his concussion during a game…

Need I go on?

In the end, the owners (who are the NFL) only care about money. This is why Goodell got a little more pocket change with his last contract extension. Goodell is now the highest paid NFL employee with his deal of 5 years $200 million (Which is more then Jimmy G’s contract and every other player in the NFL). The past year the NFL exceeded more than 14 Billion dollars in revenue, which is up from the year before. This is why Goodell is here to stay. This is why the owners gladly pay him whatever he wants to ensure they continue to make more and more money. This is why we have no idea what a catch is and what it is not. But we do know one thing, which it comes to the NFL,“Cash rules everything.”


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