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Some NFL Teams Should Never Move

In the last 2 years, 3 NFL teams have moved.

The Rams moved back to LA, no big deal really. Feels pretty natural.

The Chargers moved to LA. Also no big deal, it’s just a few hours drive from San Diego.

Pending a vote by the (money grubbing) owners, The Raiders are heading to Vegas.


This move will take longer to get used to. I mean, the Raiders feel like they are Oakland. They have deep roots and history going back to the days of Al Davis (god rest his soul), the AFL, and his Members Only Raiders jacket. What fan base is going to keep the fight up against the 49er fans in the preseason???? Guess the Rams and Chargers fans need to step it up. On the positive side, the Raiders will get extra home games every time they play the Chargers in Los Angeles .

Calling the Oakland Raiders the Las Vegas Raiders is going to take some time, but I suppose it will eventually roll of the tongue. When I think about the Raiders moving, I also think about their dedicated, and at times frightening, fan base. Things could get crazy. This also made us at think what NFL Team could never, ever, ever leave their current location?

All 4 of the above teams could never leave. I feel if one of these teams did in fact pack up and leave there would be an immediate inbalance in the universe and the entire solar system would be in jeopardy. Life as we know it would cease to exist and we would all pray for spontanuous combustion. Well…maybe I could see the Cowboys moving if Jerry thought he could make even more money, or if it ever becomes possible for a team to play games on the moon. Maybe we should scratch the Cowboys off the list…

Anyways, I don’t think I could comprehend the Packers not playing in Green Bay, the Steelers not being from Pittsburgh, or Patriots not being from New England (even though, I could see the Patriots just calling the Super Bowl home every few years. F’ing jerks).

I would never believe these teams would move. It’s easier to believe President Trump signs another Executive Order allowing himself to purchase the NFL, then he moves half of the teams to other countries, and then makes these countries pay the billions of dollars to build the stadiums. Who wants to make others pay for walls, when you can make them pay for football stadiums. Plus, this way foreigners will be able to experience American tackle football and more importantly spend hard earned money, while not being allowed to to set foot on American soil.

Merica, baby!!!!


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