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No One Should Be Surprised

Las Vegas has the odds on almost everything. Pick a sport and I think you can find a way to place any bet. They even have the odds on who is the most likely to be LSU’s next head football coach. However, they don’t have the odds on how likely an athlete is to be arrested again. Maybe it’s just too easy.

Case in point, Greg Hardy.

Greg Hardy is best known for almost killing his girl friend. However, because he is such a gifted athlete he then got a second chance with the Dallas Cowboys. Things did not go so smooth for him in Big D, and they did not bother to resign him. Shame.

Recently he is in the news again, and again he’s being idiot.

Greg Hardy was recently stopped for failing to use a turn signal when turning. This by itself is not a major driving infraction, but it does give the cops probable cause to search your car. The cop asked Mr. Hardy if he could search his car and shockingly found something. The cop found cocaine in Greg Hardy’s wallet.

Of course, choir boy Hardy was aghast. Obviously the cocaine in his wallet was not his. Man, don’t I hate when this happensHardy politely tells the police, he is not sure how the cocaine found it’s way to his wallet. Wait, maybe he does have an idea.

Hardy reports he was at a party and he was taking care of everyone and paying for all of the “stuff.” Fair enough. However, he explains the only way to pay for everything was to just pass around his wallet. His entire wallet. Anyways, Hardy tells the officer obviously someone must have placed the cocaine in his wallet at this time. Yes, I too have been burdened with the chore of pulling cash out of my wallet, so instead I often just pass the whole f’ing wallet around at a party.

Hardy, you are a f’ing moron. You really are. People are not that stupid, but you seem to be pretty dumb. I bet you even wonder why you are not currently playing in the Nation Football League. Mr. Hardy, for being so stupid and for being such a terrible person, you win our Jagoff of the Week. Congratulations!

Remember to Enjoy Sports Responsibly.

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